Pool Party at the A-List

August 19, 2010 • Uncategorised

18th August 2010 was a warm night, so The A-List set up a pool and decided to have a pool party.

DJ Prettybones was playing the music and the hostesses donna and sara0long were there keeping the party flowing.

The club was full of people who were all enjoying themselves playing in the pool and drinking and dancing. The contest board was open for the best swimwear which was won jointly by Rin Atolia and Genie Zulaman.

A great time was had by all, the music kept coming and the party went on into the night from 9pm-2am UK/1pm-6pm SL.

The A-list is starting to become a popular venue again with different themes every night. We have a board on the wall displaying the week’s events/themes…. Contest board with avatar photo display… and a flashing squares dance floor… complete with dance poles so feel free to pop in, join in the party at any time and say hello to Croft, Donna, Sara0long and the fellow party goers there.

“The A-List, Rocking London”

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3 Responses to Pool Party at the A-List

  1. Anonymous says:

    yay we had a rele good nite tht nite hope to see loads more cum n join our parties

  2. Phill Plasma says:

    Croft and the gang are rocking Westminster, always a fun night at A List

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