Pyp Mifflin`s New Club in Knightsbridge by Jas (Blog 161)

February 25, 2013 • News

Well, the big news in the London Sims is that DJ Pyp (right) has taken over the club previously known as Retrograde in Knightsbridge. Pyp Mifflin is one of the “oldies”of Second Life, having been on here now for over 9 years, and has lots of experience with DJing ,hosting and managing.The new club`s name is under wraps for now,but is hopefully going to be opening by the end of the week. Pyp, herself, has begun to remodel and even rebuild the place, and  she has some really exciting plans for the future, which I`m keeping under my hat!

I think the new look has the feel of a prison,but who`d object to being manacled to the guest below!
I checked it out and was amazed with the sheer scale of the place. There`s gonna be some big and wild parties on here!

But under the arches (below) you`ll still be able to find a spot to snuggle up with a loved one!

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