Quartz, l’éclat de l’homme (Quartz, the brilliance of the man)

January 31, 2015 • Beauty & Fashion, Business, Culture & Community, Merchant Spotlight, News, Second Life, Shopping

Quartz by Janusz Quartz

20150128 Quartz Shop in Bond Street

New Store in Bond Street

Janusz Quartz opened his store, Quartz, l’éclat de l’homme, in London this month. Quartz store shows off the brilliance of the man. Here’s the place to get clothes to put colour in your life! Set in Bond Street, it’s among some top London stores.

Stylish Tees for less than $99

20150128 Quartz Teo tshirt

NuBoy Shirts & Teo T-shirts


It’s a great place to find bargains with new mesh T-shirts – all under L$99. Stylish clothes are something we come to expect from France’s top fashion designers. Janusz Quartz is no different, his styles and designs are original, colourful and emotional. Come down today to find your style and claim one of these quirky t-shirts.

‘The Suit’

20150128 Quartz Suit

The suit that suits ever man.

For high end men’s fashion, there’s also a great suit here, it’s called the ‘KC Outfit’. The outfit includes pants, a jacket, shirt and tie and shoes. It’s a full outfit at a great price. Almost all of the outfit is created in mesh in top quality designs for all items. Just over $200 – it’s also a real bargain!

Bold Boy-style

Quartz Teo Tophat tshirt

British Bulldog Fashion

Men have now boldly stepped into the fashion world. Today fashion is recognized by both men and women. Not like before when only women used to denote fashion. If fashion turns women into a beautiful, gorgeous and stunning lass then to men it imparts smart, attractive and hunk look. The Gay man has greatly benefitted for these strong, masculine, yet colourful designs that would have once been frowned on. The rise of open gay lifestyles has brought out strong bold colours into the men’s fashion scene. Outrageous colour combinations and striking designs and images are not just part of the gay scene, but have also bled onto the straight man and also to women’s wear.

Mix French with gay and you have Janusz Quartz, a man with style panache and a little bit of ‘je ne sais quoi’, but it’s sexy, male and a little bit risqué too!

Check out the funny Teo range, of British Bulldogs wearing top hats and monocles. Quintessentially British, these t-shirts make you look and make you laugh. They’re a real conversation starter when you’re trying to attract someone’s gaze.

More about Quartz

To Find out more about Janus Quartz and his store, check out his page on Facebook now:

See Quartz on Facebook

Quartz store on Facebook







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