Rain Rain Go Away!

August 4, 2014 • Culture & Community, News, Second Life

Rain in London

Why does it always rain in London in summer? This week, it’s predicting rain on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. But we’re not miserable, we’re singing in the rain!

Everyone’s doing a dance and a jig under Second Life London’s newest umbrellas! These new umbrellas are really popular in Second Life London – but I don’t understand why? Because they rain inside the umbrella!


Rain Dance

Maybe it’s a new Second Life law of physics that the boffins at Linden Lab have invented? Physics 101 – where the weather comes from under the ground not the up in the sky. Sun shines from underneath your feet. Clouds are on the ground and snow’s rising up from the clouds beneath your feet. – That’s just not right!

If you see any evidence of this freak weather, let me know so I can report on it.

I still believe that umbrellas are supposed to keep the rain out – not in! But obviously they don’t hear me. It doesn’t stop the fun and antics in the Hub anyway, with plenty of people trying out the umbrellas and splashing in the puddles in the hub.

Apparently Londoners love these new umbrellas. Showing off the Union Jack, these umbrellas are ‘the’ fashion statement for this summer. As useful as sunshades in these soaring temperatures as they are for catching the odd shower when it’s cooler. Even Rhianna would be proud to own one of these great new Second Life London items. Only available in the London sims in Second Life (of course). Drop by and get yours today:


Jason enjoying the rain in London

Even Jason couldn’t resist a frolic in the rain. He’s seen here dancing to the raindrops and singing in the rain while everyone behind him are trying to get out of the showers under their own umbrellas.



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