Rave in the Grave at London this Friday!

October 28, 2015 • Entertainment, Music, News

Rave for the Brave

You love rave music, you love to be scared too? Then this Friday, 30th October is for you. Join the scariest rave party – in the London Haunted House Graveyard . It’s the only place to be over Halloween.

Grave Rave

Are you brave enough to come to a Grave Rave?

Mix fun with fear and what have you got?

– Twilight!? — No, no no! London Grave Rave


Visit the Haunted House Graveyard

Do you are enter Hyde Park this Halloween? Find out what’s hiding in the house in the park. Then join the rave in the graveyard if you dare. It takes courage and a whole lot more to enter a graveyard at night. Bring your stakes and garlic as well as your silver bullets and holy water. Stay safe by lighting yourself up with Glo.

You now take your life into your own hands.


What’s a Grave Rave?

Imagine a rave on a hot sunny beach or a foam party. Well that’s not it.

Now imagine it’s a pitch back night and you’re in a spooky creepy graveyard with owls hooting, dogs howling and hysterical laughter in the distance. Now you’re getting closer.

grave rave

The Haunted House and Skull for DJ Dez to perform in for his life

This Friday’s Rave will be held in the depths of Hell. Your DJ has been swallowed by demons and is forced to perform inside the skull of an ancient giant for his freedom.

He has to entertain us for two hours and keep us happy all through the rave. If anyone is not happy, he will go down to the fiery pits of hell forever. So he’ll be working his music until his fingers bleed.

Ravers will be expected to fit in, or they will be dragged to hell with him. Any Halloween style costume will do, but make sure you get your rave sticks and Glo wear too, or you’ll be spotted as an outsider and be sent to hell for all eternity.

So get down there on Friday 12NOON SLT, 7PM UK time and watch DJ Dez beg for his life through his decks.

Keep looking straight ahead, you don’t want to catch some monster’s eye.





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