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Rave Party in Hyde Park

July 10, 2015 • Beauty & Fashion, Culture & Community, Entertainment, Girl Stuff, Music, News, People, Second Life

A typical British ‘Rave Party’ is being held outdoors on Saturday in Hyde Park. Grab your tent now and make sure you’ve got access to the portable loos! It’s gonna be a long night ahead.

DJ Sayre will be there at 2-4pm SLT (to Brits that’s 10pm-midnight) mixing rave sounds to get you out of your chair and up on your feet!

Today social networks and virtual worlds help ravers organize events online as well as in the real world. So for all you rave crazy party people happy partying…..



Live on Brighton Beach – 2001 Style


Rave Party

Awesome Sounds


For those new to a Rave, this is what it’s all about; I remember going to the beach at Brighton for what was to be the first ever Live Party on the Beach. The date was 6th July 2001 and I was lucky enough to be one of the mere 35,000 people at the show. Since then it got bigger and more dangerous, but that year everyone was just happy to be going to a party. That’s going way back now and it was great to see Fatboy Slim and other famous Djs on the decks on a small makeshift black stage in the middle of the pebbles on the beach. There was only a small stage in the middle of the pebble beach and the speakers took more rom up than the stage did. In front of it was a small crown of people sitting on the stones. More of us were looking down from the Promenade where we didn’t have to cope with the stony pebbles.

I was staying at Sussex University on a course, I saw a flyer so we caught the train to the front. We were late so by the time we got there, all the entranced had been sealed. Lucky for us, I was an old Brightonian and knew a shortcut through the underground car park. The police had forgotten about it, so we made it to the Promenade just above the stage and got an excellent view. As we were a group of small girls, people made room for us to get to the front by the railings. We were packed in tight, but with room to breathe not like sardines in a can. Lucky for me it was the first time it had ever been held, so attendance was large, but not crushing.

We were packed tight enough to get a deep inhalation of whatever our neighbour was smoking and get offered to drink out of whatever they were drinking too. As the Sun went down the decks started sounding out and the best party I’ve ever been to started.

Norman Cook mesmerised us with sounds like Underworld’s ‘Born Slippy’ which he mixed with his own ‘Right Here, Right Now’, or Leftfield’s ‘Phat Planet’ with ‘Sunset (Bird Of Prey)’. If you want to hear it all, there’s an album from the event. I think I can hear myself screaming at one point.

Everyone was happy at this event, no fighting, and with a feeling of camaraderie and privilege. We knew this was something special and we were ‘in on it’ at the beginning. The only problem was because everyone was packed so tight, dancing wasn’t optional and the only direction you could go was up and down, so we all bobbed up and down with the beat. Raves are about having fun, sharing and throwing away your inhibitions. In its time it was pure hedonism.



Rave Culture


Rave Party

English Rave Party


From the 1980’s till today the UK has had a culture of such fairly impromptu and dazzling rave parties. Raves remain strong and provide exciting partying for youths (and olders) across Britain. Raves have become so popular that they now span the rest of the world.

Even America has its own raves these days.

Funky clothing, day-glo sticks, makeup and clothing are essential, as are

The rave scene is very similar to the club scene because of its counter culture values and energetic music. Many rave DJ’s like Deadmouse, Mount Eden, and Avicci have made the music popular throughout the United States. Rave sounds are now so popular you can hear music rave on popular radio stations.

Rave and club DJ’s push the envelope of electronic music and mix fast paced rhythms that give off a lot of bass and rhythm. They combine drum and bass with techno, and other types of electronic music like dubstep. It’s all about the bass.



Rave Dressing


Rave Gear

Appropriate Rave Gear


Ravers love to stand out so they wear day-glo clothing and neon, neon, neon! Bright rave clothing is essential but so too is dancing.

Radioactive shirts are in great demand for rave parties as they act as light radiators and allow you to move well while dancing. Sound equalizer shirts are the tops. They emit a variety of colour synchronized lights while you jump up and down to the rave beats. Party animals just need to pick the skin they like best for the night.

Skins include bikini tops, rave tutus, rave skirts and rave costumes. Think outside the box… think sexy fancy dress! These days, raves can also be Goth themed and the ravers there are appropriately called “gravers”. T-shirts, vests, pyjamas, or bikini tops are popular “graver” clothing. Vintage fabrics are always considered chic, and the bolder the print, the louder and brighter the colour, the better. Think psychedelic 60s here.

For guys, as always, jeans and trackie bottoms are easy to wear. If it’s warm, shorts. Again dress up with colour, glitter, and neon. At a rave you can go “the whole hog and the postage too”. Raves are for wearing loud, brightly colored clothes; the wackier, the better, with simple but stylish tops. White is always the colour favoured by guys (yawn) as it looks cool under the lighting and special effects. Accessorize to get your whacky look. Rave glasses are always cool.

Just remember to glow in the dark and you’ll be fine.


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