Recap of a few events at Coach and Horses Pub

August 18, 2011 • Uncategorised

A recap of a few of the events at Coach and Horses Pub this week…

On Monday we had DJ Steph on the decks spinning awesome tunes, as always and it was a Best in Boots Contest on the board. Guests and regulars had fun dancing, mingling and listening to great music. As always the banter between some of the regulars went a little strange (to newcomers) but once you listen to it, you feel right at home and end up joining in. Manager Mia took advantage of not being the DJ to sit by the fireplace and relax and enjoy the music and chat with pub regular, Alex.
Tuesdays are always Trivia Night at Coach and Horses Pub and some of the Pub’s trivia regulars were in attendance this week. Manager/DJ Mia was even able to stump, well briefly, one of the pub’s quickest trivia players. Mia spun her usually blend of 80s and 90s music, which can be heard every Tuesday at the Pub.
Weds started out as a Best in Silks contest per request of a pub regular who ended up not being able to make the event. We thought we would give it a try and see how it went. But either too many were busy in RL or didnt have Silks, that we switched it to a Come As You Are contest about 45 mins into the event. So switching to Come As Are helped us get a few more to the Pub to party with us. Mia spun mostly 70s rock on Weds which everyone enjoyed.
The Pub has quite a few regulars as well as there are almost always some newcomers coming to party with us. We have a great time and have a friendly staff. We are newcomer friendly and many are willing to help out a newcomer when they ask questions.
C&H Pub has a live DJ Mon-Thurs and Sats from 1:30-3:30p slt and on Fridays from 3-5p slt. Starting in September however, Fridays will be a 4 hour event from 1-5p slt with 2 live DJs and a Come As You Are Mini Contest every hour. It will be 100L winner takes all contest each hour on Fridays starting in September. So mark your calendars and join us when you can.
All are welcome.
Here are some pics from the events so far this week:

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