Remembering Japan

March 11, 2011 • News

Friday 11th March 2011.
RetroGrade held a Wear Something Red contest to show worldwide solidairty with the people of Japan in what must be a desperate time for them.
The main wall of RetroGrade displayed a simple message to show the whole world is thinking of them at this time.
The Choon Choon Train was driven by DJ Crofty and taken on a mystery tour of all kinds and styles of music. Disco. Mod. Post Punk. Trance. Britpop… etc.

People came in and join in the party and all the usual banter associated with RetroGrade, along with offering their own thoughts and comments on the situation in japan.
Nippon watashi-tachi no kangae wa anata to iru.
Japan, Our thoughts are with you.
From London & the rest of the world with love.

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