Remembering Sir Jimmy Savile / Retro Roadshow

October 30, 2011 • Entertainment

Saturday 29th October, the UK mourned the loss of the first celebrity DJ, Radio & TV personality, and tireless fundraiser, Sir Jimmy Savile OBE.

On a personal note… I had the pleasure of meeting him 3 years ago when he came to my village to open a Care Home. He was one of the most friendly down to earth people one could ever wish to meet. Even after requesting a photo with him, he took the time to  make sure it was a decent photo before he shook my hand and left me.
He met the officials in the front lawn of the home before taking time out to come over to the fence and meet and speak to each person who had gathered in the crowd to see him. That day will live with me forever. R.I.P Sir Jimmy Savile.

 The night began with Host Donna and   DJ Crofty playing his usual mix of Oldies and some new thrown in for an hour as the crowds gathered before the contest board opened with L$2500 Best In Whatever.
There was a large picture of Sir Jimmy and people were offering  their own personal memories of the great man… many whom grew up with him as a childhood figure presenting TV shows such as Top Of The Pops  and Jim’ll Fix It ( A show where children would write in with their dreas and he would “fix it” for their dreams to come true.

There was a large crowd and everyone had fun, enjoying the music and sharing jokes.

A great night in Hyde Park,
Dedicated to the life and memory  of Sir Jimmy Savile.

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