London Rentals

London has a place for everyone. Residents, merchants and advertisers can use London for their needs.


A Place For Everyone

Whether you want to play, work or simply promote what you do, there’s a place in London for it.


Central townhouses, apartments and cottages are all available in London.


Meant for the new resident who wants to get their foot on the ladder, these L$60 apartments come with a bed and lounge area and have 5 prims for personalisation.

rentals London Apartments

London Apartments

These are also available unfurnished at L$399, the same rates as the townhouses.


Homes are located in the residential region of Knightsbridge, the exclusive Bayswater Road on Hyde Park and the elegant residential area in London Mayfair.

rentals London Knightsbridge Homes

London Townhouse Homes

At L$399 a week, these homes offer fabulous value for money.  You can add to the prims if you want to make a really great home. Just ask Sunbeam5, Jason Keegan or Debs Regent for more information.

rentals London Homes Interior

Furnished Interior


Palace Mansions are the ultimate of stylish London housing. Based on real properties lining Hyde Park, they have the elite feeling by the city park. Best of both worlds, close to the action but tucked away in a a private road.

London Mansion Ariel View

London Palace Gardens Mansions

 Shop Rentals

London Mayfair

The dedicated shopping district is Mayfair. Complete with a shoppers’ HUB and Freebie store, it’s the right place for your brand. Merchants report sales exceeding L$7K in one day!

rentals London Mayfair Shops

London Mayfair Shops

London Knightsbridge

Best location for galleries and other luxury goods. Close to large residential population with a taste for the best.


Knightsbridge For Homes and Up Market Stores

Busy Shops

When there’s a popular sale or new item, the groups are messaged and arrive to see what’s available.

rentals London Busy Shops

London Busy Shops






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