Return of the London Underground Club

September 1, 2016 • News

undergroundSome of you may have noticed that a building is missing in London! When you look across from Hyde Park you will see the entrance to underbelly of London, it is the new home of the London Underground Club. If you walk over to the small lot you will notice the black ironwork that supports the Metro entrance sign, don’t be afraid to wander down into the dark abyss because you will be pleasantly surprised when the darkness subsides and your eyes adjust to the ambient lighting.

A much loved favorite from London’s past, the London Underground Club was the very first nightclub to provide music and dancing on the popular sim. Thanks to new graphic technology the Underground is sporting a brand new look and feel. I personally love the atmosphere of the London subway, the soft glow of the twinkle lights and the giant marquee letters. I appreciate the simple lines of the steel beams and the colorful retro upholstery on the tall bar chairs. It is an old club with a new feel,  I would describe it as rustic yet urban and it kind of makes me feel like the old days when I would skip school with my friends and find a place under a bridge to smoke cigarettes and goof around (not that I would condone that kind of behavior now that age and wisdom have prevailed upon me).

Owner Debs Regent stated that she wanted to resurrect the club for the London SL 10 year anniversary. Debs also added that The London Underground Club will play every kind of music (modern, trance, and more traditional sounds). A new Flickr page has been created to capture your favorite Underground moments and a photo contest will be announced in the near future. If you are interested in djing or hosting at the club please contact Dane Finnson (eltondane) inworld.  So please take the time to come and visit the club, take some pictures and get prepared to submit them when the photo contest is in full swing!




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