Rez-Day Girl!

February 26, 2015 • Culture & Community, Entertainment, Girl Stuff, Music, News, People, Rentals, Second Life

It’s Sun’s Rez-day!

She’s our little ray of sunshine in London, because she’s a happy person who makes others feel happy, especially when there’s a difficult situation. When Sun’s around, no one has a reason to be miserable. She’s just like her name says – a cute affectionate person who shows endearment toward others. If you’re someone’s sunshine it means, you make their world brighter!! Sun certainly brightens up our world!

Sun's Rez-Day in Hyde Park

Sun holding court in Hyde Park’s Hub

Sun has been leading the greeters for ages now. She’s often to be found in the park, helping them, or helping the New Users herself. She keeps her sense of humour, often dressing oddly or playing games with people. When Sun enters the hub area, people are shouting over each other to welcome her.

Sun's Rez-Day outside one of London's homes.

Sun helping tenants with LondonLandlord.

Some of you may not know that she’s also the face for the tenants in London. Sun manages the homes and stores and sets them up or each person. She will be there to welcome you in, to hold your hand as you become part of the community and help you when you have any difficulties. She’s the first like ‘to go to’ person in London for tenants.

Sun's Rez-Day World Cup photo.

Sun becoming an England Supporter for the World Cup!

All in all, Sun is London’s ‘little helper’. She’s there for everybody when she’s needed, so it’s great to know we can all be there for her when she needs us too.

Sun's Rez-Day Cake

What Rez-Day surprises are in store for Sun?

So today Jason and Destiny set up a little surprise for her. We all know she’ll be delighted and we all just have to wait for 9pm tonight. To give you a hint – wear your umbrella – you may be getting very wet if you stand too close to her tonight. Rez-day fun for Sun!

Sun's Rez-Day Outfit

Sun looking as delicious as usual as a deli-counter… watch the saussages!

I want to wish Sun a very happy Rez-day from everyone in London. If you want to put your personal Congratulations at the bottom of this message for her to read, please do so at the bottom of this post.






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