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Where did Luna & Scarlet have their Rez Day Party?

July 26, 2014 • Culture & Community, Entertainment, Music, News, People, Second Life

Why have a Rez Day Party @ Planet Earth?

Rez day Parties at Planet Earth are great fun, personal and intimate and can also be themed to your choice.

Rez day twin Luna and Scarlet chose Planet Earth to celebrate their shared rez day. As Scarlet is a regular DJ there it seemed just about the best place in the whole of Second Life to hold it. Also, with Scarlet as one of the DJ’s for the night it was bound to be a great event.

Party Theme

When it comes down to a party theme, it was a no-brainer. Scarlet is her name and scarlet is her colour. So scarlet was her theme. The next thing was to decide on Luna’s theme. What goes well together? – Scarlet & Luna / Red & Moon. It meant only one thing โ€“ ‘a moon at night’ (red or white).

rez day

Luna & Scarlet

Scarlet & Luna

As sisters, the girls are so similar and yet so different. Luna is the creative type. She decorated the whole venue for the evening. Scarlet is the smart type. She likes to quote Jung on her profile and plays a wicked set at the decks. Both are beautiful girls with strong colours in their names and strong personalities in their hearts.

rez day

Luna & Scarlet Profiles

If you check out their profiles, you may say ‘but they’re not rez day twins!’. But they are, they’re soul twins, rezzed just 10 days apart last year. So this will be their first whole year on Second Life together. Guys beware, these girls are a magic duo.

rez day

What Luna & Scarlet say about each other

So last night, the party got started to a mass of people arriving, but one of the girls didn’t make it herself. Sadly Luna must have got caught up in RL somehow and was unable to get logged in for the big day. Happy rez day anyway Luna. London celebrated for you.

DJ Roach

At the start of the night, DJ Scarlet played dance & dnb for 2 hours. She was followed by DJ Roach, who rounded off the night to everyone’s delight. As a popular London DJ and Planet Earth manager, it seemed appropriate that he should round off the night.

Host Jellica

Jellica was the darling of the night, being host for the evening. She made sure people were having a good time and their glasses were filled. Because of the this great team, the place was packed with rez day celebrators. Big costumes were being worn for the big competition.

Big Money!

They needed BIG because the prize for the ‘best dressed’ avatar competition was a massive L$2300. For this thanks has to be given to Morph for topping up the pot so the winners went away with a pocket full of cash.

Happy Rez Day!

Well done everyone and a very Happy Rez Day to Luna & Scarlet.

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  1. I’m the smart one? LOL ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for the write-up Debs. I had am amazing time! x

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