Rezday Party for Sun

February 27, 2015 • Culture & Community, Entertainment, Music, News, People, Second Life

Sun's Rezday Party Skirt

Sun’s Rezday party cake!

Sun’s Rezday party was a scream. It’s been a long time since we all piled into Chubby’s and hit the dance floor there. As with old times, it was as much fun as ever.

Sun's Rezday Party with DJ Jason

Jason and Destiny entertaining everyone.

Jason hit the decks playing the best new sounds out there and Destiny hosted alongside him to show what a great tag team they make – just like Jarrod and Brandi.

Are Jarrod & Brandi – Jason & Destiny’s dopplegangers?


These guys made it big from the Storage Wars TV program and now have their own spin off called ‘Married to the Job’.

Sun's Rezday Party Dress

Sun’s ‘Deli-counter’ frock

Meanwhile Sun was whirling and twirling in her ‘foodie’ skirt. Some of the guys were trying to take a snack off it but all failed miserably. I’ve heard of keeping a little snack in your bag in case you get peckish – but this takes it to a whole new level.

Sun's Rezday Party with Bigga 'Caked'

Bigga getting stuck into the cake

Bigga was hungry as always and literally got stuck into the cake! I don’t know how much he ate but after all those pies, may need to add a notch to his belt tomorrow.

Sun's Rezday Party sees Dave pulled

Hip Hop hitting on Dave

Looks like Welsh Dave scored an early pull on the day before his Birthday – Hip Hop was hitting on him hard and trying to get his attention. Happy Birthday Dave for the 27th – have a great time.

Talking about great times, we all hope Sun had a super party and hope we showed her how much she’s loved in London. Thanks go to Jason and Destiny for their very hard work pulling this one off – well done and thank you guys!

More Rezday Party Pictures

Check out everyone enjoying the rezday party below. There are lots of pictures to look through here!

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