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May 11, 2014 • Entertainment, Music, News

Chubby Checkers has been closed because of the fabulous new clubs coming to you in London Nights. With the shock (even to me) news that Chubby Checkers is closing it`s doors for the last time today, I had a nostalgic look at some over my favourite photos from the last few months there.

I for one, am very sad to see this club leaving us, but Manager Destiny needs to focus on the new “London Nights” sim. There will be a HUGE party there today, though, so youll all have a chance to wish our favourite retro club a fond farewell. I havent been told the timing of the party , but Id guess itll be in the usual Chubbys slot at Midday- and probably going on for many hours more than usual. Enjoy the pics everyone, and I  hope they bring back as many happy memories to you and they did to me.

 photo 21stapril_012_zps0d30cfae.png photo Snapshot_02811_zpsd0800095.png photo Snapshot_0046_zpsc8fd77fb.png photo Snapshot_049_zpsc5d9b955.png

Chubbys was known for it`s retro music and style.

 photo Snapshot_02712_zps35a5b11d.png

This must have been the smallest ever guest to Chubbys !

Manager Destiny ( below, left) loved having a dance.

 photo Snapshot_03312_zps9add369b.png photo Snapshot_00310_zpsd7da3a4d.png photo Snapshot_0607_zps428909ff.png

The previous Manager Roach Draconia (below,right) still had lots of great DJ sets at the club

 photo Snapshot_0278_zpsa2b641bb.png photo Snapshot_0635_zps3809647d.png

 photo Snapshot_0342_zpsdc4dccb7.png photo Snapshot_0963_zps3a4d2be2.png

Some of the excellent staff who have worked there are pictured above and below.

 photo april14th_0103_zps278a3053.png photo Snapshot_0186_zpsfb069658.png

 photo Snapshot_0048_zpscfa2a167.png photo Snapshot_0783_zps15b84b9b.png
Estate Manager Jason (above, right) has lots of plans for the new London Nights adult rated sim.

 photo Snapshot_0655_zpsa5855f94.png

So, come along and party with us, and lets give this great club the perfect send off!

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