London Tube Reopening!

July 28, 2014 • Entertainment, Music, News, Second Life

Rock Club London Tube Reopens

New manager Rosie Sets the Pace with a $1500 cash giveaway!

Rosie Haroldsen is the new manager of the London Tube. Her ambition for the club is to make it ‘the’ most popular rock club in virtual worlds.

Rosie has a long background in managing clubs. She’s been the leading light in the most popular clubs in Second Life. But, wherever she’s been – she’s always missed London. So now she’s back!

Rosie’s many talents mean a lot will happen in a very short time. Don’t blink because Rosie is a fast mover. She’s already got a packed house. This may mean the club will have to be extended. Watch this space?

Personal Greetings from Rosie


Rosie Reopens ‘London Tube’ Rock Club

Rosie sends her own Aussie rock chick style greeting to you here:

G’Day to all Rock and Metal fans!  I’m Rosie Haroldsen and I am the new manager of The Tube Club in Virtual London!  Growing up in the 80’s gave me a deep love of 80’s and 90’s Classic Rock and now … I’m here at The Tube Club and ready to rock … by playing everyone’s favorite rock and metal tunes, plus all your requests!  So why don’t you come on back to The Tube Club and let’s party!!

Opening Event

The opening night was a proper ‘rocker’s night’. With leathers worn, the bikers really got down to it. A competition for best in Leather, with $1500L prize for the snappiest dresser, was a good reason to come on down and rock. The whole club was packed and rock was blasted round the underground cavern.

DJ Rosie and Host Zoya made it a night to remember. One of the best event duo’s London’s seen, they made everyone feel welcome. Zoya had a personal greeting for everyone. She kept the buzz going and made sure there was no fighting! Rosie played it down and personal – with personal requests flying in constantly and her sexy sultry voice seducing the rockers turning them into babes in arms.

The resurrection of rock in the mainstream music scene means there’s great demand for music in clubs too. 80’s and 90’s sounds are especially popular, so Rosie’s opening event was a Big hit!

Ad Boards

A packed club and loads of advertising space means one thing – sales! You may want to grab an ad board now because this busy club will get busier. London’s ad boards are well known to have a lot of interest and the London Tube is likely to be the same.


Ad Board


Thanks go to Rosie & Zoya for making it a club event to remember!

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