Rock Night

May 11, 2012 • Uncategorised

Thursday here again so its Rock night at 2012

Again people showed up more than an hour early, and Womble kept them entertained whilst we got ready with freebies and a whole load of leather as the theme tonight was “Biker night”.  By the start of the event at 2pm slt we already had half a dance floor full of people in various types of leather, biker chick avs or plain old bikers.   DJ pyp jumped on the decks early and got the party started, people from all over London and SL started arriving and even the 2012 chat was humming.

By half time the venue was filling up but Kief still felt there was room for a dancing bike!!! and then cinn got out a buggy, all of a sudden 2012 became a crash scene and as there was rock tunes blasting away, the crash scene was dancing lol.  Kief put away his bike and we cleared up the mess, and thats when we noticed Kief was in something different to his normal T shirt and Jeans, he looked like biggles! i guess biggles rode a bike lol.

The party carried on and we giggled and joked away much about whips and leather, what is it with bikers and whips?  eventually at almost 1am (5pm) sl time this Janitor ad to go and left the cleaning up till now (4am ) yawns lol  start of the day and the birds are singing.

Tonight its come as you are and 4 hours of Djing and partying with DJ kief and Croft keeping us on our toes,  see you there.

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