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January 2, 2016 • Entertainment, Music

We partied all night in the London Sims on New Years Eve

– the clock dance floor helping us to keep tabs on the time!

And, finally it is 2016-with the festive season almost over.

new year_005 (2)

Year musicSo, as we open the pages of our new calendars, it`s time to reflect on the little things we would like to change about ourselves this year, and plan positive events and activities.

One of my main Second Life resolutions is to sort through my ever increasing inventory and finally throw away the”just in case” things.

Grasset-janvierMerian-Aubry Monatsbilder G 1551 I 01 Januar

A lot oLe mois de Janvier, misère des petits oiseaux, de Giacomellif the old calendars I have found seem to portray January as a month of toil and troubling snowfall, including the one to the left, which-using my limited French translation- seems to refer to the misery of the little birds.

And yet, January can be a chance to wipe the slate clean and begin again. A month where the potential for the year ahead is endless.

The guys in the picture below, from two hundred years ago, certainly seemed pretty positive- and maybe just a little bit camp!



new year_001

Snapshot_002 (5)

And finally, as the hours tick by, and while feeling infinite possibility in the air- I`d like to wish you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR, and hope that you`ll chose to join us in Second Life `s London Sims for part of it.

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