Samba, Cheese and Geese – What We Learnt on Saturday in London by Jas (Blog 236)

February 23, 2014 • Culture & Community, Entertainment, Music, News, Romantic

At last night`s pub  trivia quiz at the Coach and Horses, in the London Sims, there was a British theme to the questions. One section concentrated on some of the bizarre festivals we have here.

Goose cartoon 04London Road, Nottingham - - 568015

One such example is the Nottingham Goose Fair which has run for over 700 years. The only times a year was missed was due to Bulbonic Plague in 1646 and because of the two twentieth century world wars. The fair is held in early October.


Another unusual one is the Cooper`s Hill Cheese Rolling Event (above)  held near Gloucester every year on the Spring Bank Holiday. Cheese is rolled down the hill and people compete to catch it. This has taken place since the fifteenth century. A previous winner of the event  Helen Thorpe had firm opinions about it  when she said “No-one’s going to stop us doing it…. They say it’s not official but.. we’re running the cheese today so it is official. We strongly believe in it.”

The Ricotta eaters-Vincenzo Campi-MBA Lyon H673-IMG 0324

Some of us just prefer to eat our cheese!

Snapshot_017 (8)

Anyway, enough silliness.

After the Coach event finished it was over to Moments Ballroom for a brilliant Samba and Rumba event.

Snapshot_027 (2)Snapshot_032 (6)


DJ JB Goode and Manager Jayde, who hosted the evening, showed us how to Samba in style.

The rest of us could only look on with admiration.

JB- who has a musical profession in real-life- puts a lot of effort into selecting and downloading tunes for Moments events. Come along and show him some support- and have a  great  time, too!

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