Sat night with DJ Kief and Host Croft

April 22, 2012 • News

It was Sat night therefore the team at 2012 club consisted of DJ Kief and Host Croft moonlighting from Retrograde.  The night started early with around  10 people gathering waiting for the event to start a full 30 mins or more before it was due to start.  Dj Kief was warming up playing some 1940s swing and big band music.

                 The theme for tonight was “Accessories” and was great to see so much imagination going into the multitude of different combinations of jewellery, hats, sticks to even Pyps pet rat perched on her shoulder.  As always we had a box of freebie accessories for those new to Second life, which I hope will grow into something much more.  The event went quickly and without any problems, the 2 hours flying by with a mixture of good music, fun and jokes to even the odd trivia question thrown in.

Midnight came and went and despite the event being over, people still were enjoying the music and conversation, so DJ Kief decided to have a “Lock in” although strictly speaking, being an out door venue, this must have been a “Lock out” lol.  10 or 2 people still danced and laughed away until the small hours, seemingly not wanting the night to end.

Sunday has arrived therefore tonight we have DJ Vox on the Decks and Hostess Jasmine helping people to enjoy the night to its full,  as always its 2-4pm sl Time,  maybe we will see you there.
                                                            Joe Noir.

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