Saturday and Sunday`s Parties in Hyde Park (Blog 265)

May 19, 2014 • Entertainment, Music, News

We partied long and hard in the London Sims over the last weekend, and we`ve got the pics to prove it! The party went on for 3 days in Hyde Park, and showcased some of our amazing venues.

 photo 18may_021_zps2c728984.png photo 18may_019_zps2756e545.png

Sim Owner Debs (above, left) joined in the fun, and host Jas was feeling the summer sun! 

 photo 18may_016_zps5dff1b28.png photo 16May_068_zps038e61e7.png
“Bottoms up” for the London Sims in Hyde!

 photo 17thMay_012_zps56a18d3d.png

Each pub or club was featured. Coach and Horses Manager Jas (above) promoted her pub.

 photo 18may_004_zps4cc58c47.png photo 16Mayextradestiny_zpsf90d7edc.png

Destiny Keegan (right) looks despairingly af her hubby Jason (left), but she did ask for weird avis!

 photo 17thMay_003_zps4c49e994.png

The London Tube Manager looked cool on the decks , but he`ll ruin that top hat with those horns!

 photo 16May_076_zpsf3e6496f.png photo 16May_073_zps626f781f.png
Partying is always fun in the London Sims, but never more so than in the park.

Luckiy,we have lots more events planned there throughout the summer- YAY!!

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