Saturday Night And Sunday Morning by Jas (Blog 22)

September 9, 2012 • News


The party in Hyde on Saturday started with a Burlesque Night by Retrograde, which gave the girls something to dress up for – and the guys something interesting to look at!

20120908 saturday_034 by Londonopolis


 Then DJ Gary and host Donna pulled in the crowds for the 2012 set.
At one point it was looking like we would beat the “Most Avies in Club 2012 ” record, which would have meant turning people away. We did manage to squeeze you all in eventually, though. This club is getting seriously popular!
Then, it was over to The Coach and Horses who finished off the entertainment with a brilliant set from DJ Wiccy! This is the best place for your Second Life avatar to party and relax with fun people and great tunes !



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