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About Land FAQ

I’m often asked about the land permissions. So here is a brief summary of what to expect for the tabs in ‘About Land’. If the tab is grayed out to you – you can’t use it. If not, you can.

Take a look for yourself at what you can and cannot do in the land you are in.


First Tab – General


1. General Tab

Here you will find the name of the parcel, the parcel ID, Sim type (whether it is a Full sim, Homestead or Openspace. (For more information see:

Below that you have the region’s type: PG, Moderate (Mature) or Adult. These are similar to the ratings at the movies. Adult allows full nudity and sexually explicit content, while Moderate allows nudity providing there is nothing sexually explicit going on. PG is for those with a sensitive nature.

The parcel Owner (or group) name is next. (The following Deed to Group are not really relevant unless you own the land).

For Sale – lets you know if you can buy this parcel.

Claimed – tells you when the parcel has been last transferred to this person or group, so how long they have owned it.

Area – Linden Land is divided up by a 4×4 grid. Every parcel is divided into units of 4×4 meters, so the size is a multiple of this. The minimum parcel size is 16 m2 and can consist of different areas within the sim that are not next to each other.

Traffic – how busy the parcel is. There is a complicated method for working this out now and is worked out twice a day over the past 24 hours.


Second Tab – Covenant


2. Covenant Tab

This simply displays the covenant of the Estate. That means the terms you agree to. It sets out how you behave and what you are able to do in the sim.


Third Tab – Objects


3. Objects Tab

This tab is more complex, and you should only be able to see the objects if you have land rights. To find out how many prims are in this parcel and who owns then click the circular arrow to the right of ‘Object Owners’, towards the bottom of the tab. When you do, you will get a count of prims for each person who owns prims in this parcel. If you don’t have access to the contents of this tab and have rez rights, you will need to rez out a prim counter. Residents in London should all have one of those for their property.


Fourth Tab – Options


4. Options Tab

Options are very important. Let’s start at the top.

Edit terrain – if this is on and Everyone is ticked, you should have full access to do whatever you please with the land on this parcel. You should be able to make it go up, or down. It’s a dangerous option to have ticked for a landowner

Fly – preferably everyone can fly, if this is not ticked, then you will be unable to take to your wings.

Build – This is easy – if it’s ticked, you can build. Try rezzing a prim to see.

Object Entry – If this is ticked, you can bring objects from other parcels into this one. It’s useful if you want to move something you have made to another parcel.

Run Scripts – Scripts are everywhere. Second Life runs on scripts. If you don’t want everyone to be able to make gestures, or be able to use their latest weapons, turn this off. Generally it’s useful so you can use your latest gadgets and Avatar based tools. After all, you want your pets to stay alive don’t you?

Safe – This should be turned off in combat zones, but in non combat zones, it makes sure you won’t get killed and sent home.

No Pushing – does what it says on the tin, it stops people being able to push one another in the parcel.

Show Place in Search – this is for advertising. It costs you to put a parcel into search but is important for shops and other advertisers. If you use it, you need to have the right keywords in the description.

Moderate Content – Check the Moderate rating before deciding whether this needs to be ticked. It prevents people from accessing the content or parcel if they do not have permissions. Click here for the link to Linden Lab Community Standards


Fifth Tab – Media


5. Media Tab

Media – can take the form of different media sources, mainly people use it for their TV or for showing a web site. To use this, you have to have a texture in the Replace Texture area on th etab and have that Texture on the object you want to show the media on.


Sixth Tab – Sound


6. Sound Tab

Sound – This is really important in Second Life. Without it, you can’t hear voice or music, or gestures etc. Make sure the things you need are ticked.


Seventh Tab – Access


7. Access Tab

Who do you want visiting you? If you want to ban people, you will need to add them to the ban list. If you want to allow them, add them to the allowed list. You can also allow group access and even sell access passes to your parcel.


Eighth Tab – Experiences


8. Experiences Tab

Experiences are a later thing added by Second Life. You can use experiences that are registered with Linden Lab and allow then when you go into a parcel. When yu have allowed an experience, you will automatically grant permissons for the parcel to do things to your avatar. Be careful before you allow this.



That concludes our round up of the About land Pop out screen. It’s just a brief run down, but for more information you can check out the SecondLife Wiki (although it is quite out of date now).


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