SecondLife Tenant Help & FAQs

SecondLife Tenant Help. If you are a new tenant we strongly recommend that you bookmark this web page on your web browser and spend 10-20 minutes reading through these FAQs at the start of your tenancy.

London in SecondLife Tenant Help Index

The Help and Frequently Asked Questions page covers the following topics:

  • General Issues – Parcel Autoreturn, No Refunds Policy, Paying rent boxes, why friends are ejected from your rental , community rules, tenant rewards, community locations (see Questions 1 to 8 below)
  • Prim Allowances – how to work out prims used, how to arrange to buy more prims (see Questions 9 and 11 below), how to find out how much time is left on my rental
  • Rezzing/Building – Rezzing problems explained (see Question 12 below)
  • Group Invites – how to invite yourself as the tenant and how to invite partners and friends to the group (see Questions 13 to 14 below)
  • Controlling Lag – how to minimise using too much sim memory to keep lag low for everyone (see Questions 15 and 16 below)
  • Security & Privacy – explains CAM Blocking that hides avatars on the parcel for total privacy and how to use your security system (see Question 17 to 18 below)
  • Media & TV/Radio – how to set up your Viewer to use TVs/radios on your rental parcel (see Question 20 below)
  • Support, Technical, Avatar, Inventory, Sim and other Technical Problems – explains common sim and technical problems and how to solve them (see Questions 21 to 24 below)



London Estates Tenant Staff include the following residents – Sunbeam5, Skeletor Boozehound, Stace Manx, Kandee Steamer and Debs Regent. Please report any other Resident that claims to be London Estates Tenant Staff to a member of the London Estates Tenant Staff immediately.

Object Scripts and Lag – objects using scripts using high CPU sim memory (0.040 ms or higher) will be returned. It is everyones responsibility to making sure living conditions are not adversely affected by too much lag. Please do not be offended if we return objects to you. If objects are returned please do not rezz again – find a replacement object that uses less memory. There are tools on marketplace that will show you the script memory used by your objects.

SecondLife Tenant Help

Renting a New London Home


General Issues


Even when you pay a rent box and become a group tenant you will still see the no scripts, no build icons on the top of your viewer window – this only applies to non-group residents. The reason we limit rezzing to group members only is to stop visitors using the prims you have paid for. If you are having your objects returned after you rezz some prims the only reason is that your rental group is not activated on your Viewer Groups list.

IMPORTANT – When at home always make sure your rental group is active on the Viewer Group List. All  parcels are set to auto return and objects rezzed without wearing the rental group tag will be returned to your Lost and Found folder.



This is a common issue for some new tenants. In the Tenant Help page FAQs Questions we give you at the start of your rental either in a notecard and an IM explains. See Questions  14 and 19 below. Even though you have invited your friend to the group or added the name as a partner on the rent box – to prevent the friend being ejected from your rental you also need to add them to the security ‘Whitelist’ too.

Some residents try to add friends to the security Whitelist or invite them to the rental group using their friend’s Display Names not their SL account name. Open your friend’s profile and find the name that is in (brackets). This is their SL account name. If there is only one name inside the brackets you will need to add the 2nd name of Resident.  Security systems need two names for security to work. You also need to use both names when you send a group invite using your rent box. For example: BlueHost (bob12345) appears in an avatars profile – this avatar’s SL account name is bob12345 which is one name. On your security Whitelist you would need to add this avatar using their full SL account name which is bob12345 Resident.

Note: Do not add a dot between a friends two names – adding the avatar above as bob12345.Resident with a dot in the middle instead of just a space will eject them.

Also sometimes the tenant types the name in public chat but forgets to use the Enter/Return key on their computer keyboards to enter the name to the Whitelist. We often find the Whitelist is empty which is why the friend is being ejected.



Clicking/touching the rent box will send you the parcel landmark and information notecard. If you want to pay the rent box then use your mouse to right click the rent box – the Pay option will appear. ALWAYS check that the person you are paying is the Landlord. Select Pay and then pay for the several weeks you wish to rent (you will be shown the price for 1 weeks rent as the top left L$ option).

Important Note: after paying the rent box you can touch the rent box and choose Status menu – it will give you the date and time when the rent box will expire. We recommend you pay a week in advance weekly so you don’t loose your home. YOU DON’T HAVE TO WAIT TILL THE END DATE TO PAY YOUR RENT BOX again – any extra days/payments will be added to the existing total anyway. If your rent box expires, it will automatically end the tenancy and return your things.



If you are a first time renter with us and you decide to pay 4 weeks on your first rent we will add a once-off free 5th week and an ongoing 10% discount for any future 4 week (monthly) rent payments.

Tenants who decide to start by paying weekly and accumulate 4 one week payments are also eligible for a discount if they wish to pay monthly at any time in the future. If you are unable to pay your rent for any reason, your friends can also pay your rent box too. If you cannot have anyone pay your rent for you, contact a member of the London Estates Tenant Staff.

Please note: a small number of low cost rentals offer ‘NO DISCOUNTS’. This is shown on the rental vendor and the rent box property notecard. This means those few rentals do not offer the free 5th week if you pay 4 weeks. We have offered these homes at greatly reduced rates for new users and first time renters.



Our Group Charter is very clear. If you follow our Group Charter and the SL Community Standards you will enjoy your SL experience in this community.
“Provide a quality of life where there is mutual respect, manners, privacy, consideration for others and tolerance.”

Our Code of Conduct is on this website. The main rule is to show respect and consideration to others – keep in mind that the staff and management of the Group also have RL responsibilities and families. We do our best to help. We will not tolerate bad manners or Role Play behaviour that demeans or shows lack of manners. Consideration means the privacy of others and avoiding rezzing objects that cause lag and behavior that annoys other members of the community. We will report abuse that affects any of the group members in this community directly to Linden Lab.



Like Linden Lab we have a NO REFUNDS policy. The group has monthly tiers to pay to Linden Lab. When you pay the rent box you have entered into a contract agreement. The rent box property info notecard and the info boards in our offices highlight this clearly. The property will remain yours until the rent box expires unless it is abandoned towards the end of the current rent period and the rent box “Not Renewing” has been set on the rent box. See Rule 10 under London Rentals Community Rules

You will also get note card reminders and IM messages from your rent box warning you that your rent is due.



Yes you can Upgrade or Downgrade any time. We have over 140 rental properties available including mansions, townhouses, sky boxes, and apartments available for rent. If you want to change your rental to a new location just pay the new property rental box with one week’s rent and then note card message a member of the London Estates Tenant Staff. They will transfer any rent left on your old rental to your new rental after you have removed all your objects from your first rental.

You can check available rental properties any time by bookmarking on your PC web browser our online catalog using this website.



You can visit all the shared community areas using the Virtual Tour link on this website.

Menu offered from touching rental box when rented

Prim Allowances & Missing Inventory


The rent box provides a prim total. Check it by simply right clicking the rent box and selecting . The prims you have used will be shown in local chat.  The rent box is not always correct as it will take 2 hours for rent box to update the correct prim count reading.  The parcel prim count will show the total of London Estates owned prims on the parcel – these are not counted in your prim allowance.

We can also give you a prim counter on your request. You can use this for your own rezzed objects OR we can give you a multi-user prim counter so you can see who else has rezzed on your parcel and how many prims they have used. If you need one of these, please message a member of the London Estates Tenant Staff.

Tip: when you first rent the property use the About Land Menu>Objects tab on your viewer. You will see how many prims have been used by London Estates owners for the building and other group objects like the TV, security etc. Your prim allowance is added.  So if the parcel has 150 London group owned prims and your prim allowance is 200 then the Total Prims Used on your parcel should be no more than 350 prims.



In Secondlife prims are GOLD.

You will know if you need extra prims and are over your prim limit when the rent box sends you an alert IM and a notecard warning. If this happens read Question 9 above. Please do not ignore the alert warning. If you believe that the alert is an error contact a member of the London Estates Tenant Staff urgently by sending them a notecard message.

Note: as well as adding extra prims we can also cut your prim count back to the original prim allowance that you had at the start of your tenancy. YOU need to contact a member of the London Estates Tenant Staff to arrange this.

As the tenant you are responsible for any extra prims rezzed in world by friends that you have invited to the rentals group to share your rental. You have responsibility to make sure any prims used by friends stays under the prim allowance you have paid for. We recommend that you insist that friends give you permission to control their objects before inviting them to the group.

We will always try to help with extra prims – this depends on available prims on the sim at that time. But you will always be able to buy an extra 10% of the prim allowance. Our prim rates are fair and reasonable – we have learnt that rentals businesses that under charge end up closing suddenly and in many cases tenants lose their objects and homes.

For example – if your rent box prim allowance is 100 prims and price is $399 then 100 extra prims a week will cost 300Ls. Each extra prim is 3Ls each.

To pay for extra prims and to have your rent box adjusted please send a notecard message to a member of the London Estates Tenant Staff telling them how many extra prims you need. Also add your name and property address to the notecard please. To effect a prim increase, the staff member will change the price at the rental box. This will cut the amount of time you have left, so please top the rental box up so you have extended the time to the length you wish.



If you are a new resident tenant needing extra prims pay the rent box one week only and then contact a member of the London Estates Tenant Staff about organising extra prims. If you need more than 100 extra its best to check our other higher prim allowance rentals. As a guide look at the scale below.

Initial Prim allowance & pricing for extra prims

  • 0-199 prim allowance – extra prims are 3L per prim
  • 200-599 prim allowance – extra prims are 2L per prim
  • 600-1000 prim allowance – extra prims are 1L per prim

Note: if you need a lot of extra prims and you have been a loyal tenant we can try to negotiate a special rate.

The prim upgrade will be made by a member of the London Estates Tenant Staff online. Your remaining rental time will be reduced to show the new rental rate to include the extra prims. Please top up your rental box.

We Understand – you may need to rezz a few extra prims temporarily over your limit but we ask that you derezz the extra prims once you have finished and before you log for the day. We will know if the prims are not temporary if they still show on your rent box count after 8-12 hours. We realize that you may have accidentally rezzed extra prims that are hidden or that are very small and can’t be seen by the naked eye.  We know that another tenant may have accidentally rezzed their objects on your parcel.

Be Aware – using excessive prims (that are not temporarily rezzed) over your allowance limit without payment could result in immediate eviction. We will always first check whether excessive prims used over an allowance is a mistake. We will check the parcel prim count to make sure that no one else has accidentally used prims on your parcel first.

Understand – We reserve the right to return any scripted objects without notification that are causing high levels of lag to protect all the other resident tenants. Each resident is responsible for knowing the effect of a script they own on the whole community. If the owner’s object appears to be a deliberate act to slow a sim and harass other residents the group owners will report this an act of Abuse against the SL Community Standards. Such a violation is a bannable offence in Second Life.



The tenant is responsible for making sure the agreed prim allowance is not exceeded on their parcel. When a tenant first pays the rent box they agree to follow the group rules and not to exceed the maximum prim count advertised on the rent box.

You can check your prim count at any time by clicking on your rent box. You will receive a daily IM message from your rent box alerting you if you exceed your prim limit. Contact a member of the London Estates Tenant Staff as soon as possible to arrange a change to your rental arrangement if you need more prims.

If you choose to ignore the rent box prim warnings after a several days group staff will visit your parcel to check the parcel prim count to make sure the extra prims are yours. London Estates assumes that the use of more prims that exceed your allowance means that you need the extra prims – unless we hear from you.

If we fail to hear from you and the prims still exceed your allowance, your weekly rent will be adjusted to cover the price of the extra prims used by using the above formula – rounded up to the nearest 10 prims. For example if your original prim allowance was 200 prims and you are using 217 prims we will add 20 prims for an extra 60Ls. Your remaining rent days will be adjusted to the new prim allowance (see Question 10).

If the prims used by the tenant and/or their friends is highly excessive (over 100 prims) and no effort has been made to contact staff to increase prim limit, we will attempt to contact you by IM and notecard. If we don’t hear from you we will return the extra prims (we will always return prims owned by invited guests first before returning the tenant’s) to get the count down to the agreed prim allowance. If the excessive prim use is serious we will end the tenancy immediately.

Using more prims without payment is unacceptable as prims are being taken from other tenants who have paid. London needs to cover monthly tier payments to Linden Lab – the rent price is calculated on the number of prims used to cover the group’s monthly Linden Lab tier and other costs such as advertising, landscaping and builds.




Group management (or indeed any landowner) cannot be held responsible for any missing items owned by you. The landlord and staff do not own the sim servers. All mainland and private sim are owned by Linden Lab. Like every other rental group community in SL we lease each sim from Linden Lab and pay monthly tiers. If an object owned by you goes missing then you will need to submit a case ticket to Linden Lab using the Help section of the SecondLife website.

Here is a web page to help you recover any objects that you have lost from your Inventory due to Linden Lab server side performance issues and/or for residents who are using a wireless Internet connection (which is not supported by Second Life).

Please note: Many vendors understand that no copy items may be lost by accident or as the result of an unfortunate circumstance. If recovery efforts fail, contact the vendor and request a replacement. Always keep a copy of any transaction record on your SL Account on the SL website (by copying and pasting the record into a word file) for any no copy item you purchase.

Most objects are lost due to: a) the resident tenant not waiting until their Inventory is fully loaded over the Internet; b) using a slow Internet connection or a PC that does not meet SecondLife minimum requirements or a wireless Internet connection (not supported by SecondLife); and c) accidentally rezzing items on someone else’s land.

If you “politely” ask us to help to trace whether an object you have lost may have been accidentally rezzed by you on another tenants parcel we will make an effort to see if it has ended up on another parcel. Make sure you give us the exact name of the missing object.


Group Invites


When you pay the rent box you will be automatically sent a group invite from the rent box by our group inviter TheLondonSims. Make sure you have a spare group available before paying the rent box. The invite will be a notification message that appears as an envelope on the Viewer screen. You need to be a group member before you can build/rezz objects and run scripts. Once you have paid the rent box you need to Accept the group invite.

If you missed your invite you can touch the rent box you have paid and find the Re-invite yourself menu to send the invite again.



Once you accept the rental group Invite you will then be able to invite your partner and friends to the group using your rent box. We recommend you only invite friends you can trust not to misuse your prims or parcel – this will allow friends to run scripts and rezz/build. As the tenant, you are responsible if a friend misuses the group permissions.

The best way to invite someone to the rental group is for you and your friend to stand within 5 metres to the rent box. As the tenant you touch the box and choose Invite. You might have to touch the box twice to see the Group inviter menus. It will then scan for the closest avatar to send the invite to. They must Accept to join the group. As the tenant you are responsible for how anyone you invite behaves. By inviting them you are agreeing to share your prim allowance with them.

IMPORTANT: always add any friend you invite to the rentals group to your security system white list using their full SL account name (not their Display Name) as well. You can check their SL account name using their Profile – it will be in (Pete Linden). If they have only one name in brackets always add Resident as their second name.



Sometimes group permissions don’t work straight away. Make sure the rental group is highlighted/bold on your Viewer Group List window. If it is and you still can’t rezz try two things (1) fly off the parcel to another parcel then fly back to your parcel. If that doesn’t work try (2) Set Home Here on your viewer then Log Off and Log back in. If you still have problems after that send a notecard message to a member of the London Estates Tenant Staff.


Lag and Environment


There may be issues where lag is caused by the resident’s Internet connection, their PC doesn’t meet SL Viewer requirements, the amount of scripts attached to their avatar or their Viewer preference and graphics settings. There are two sources of lag – server side (Linden Lab servers) and client side (your PC and Internet connection). The major causes of lag are client side.

On the server side – If the group owners need to cut server side script lag we may need to return objects you own that are using more than 4Mb of sim memory or anything with CPU script time above 0.040 mms.

Important Note: every sim in SL shares a Linden Lab server with at least 2 or 3 other sims – lag on a sim will be affected by scripts and activity on the other sims using the same server. Each week Lindens does rolling restarts of every sim – sims sharing each server will change weekly.

Everything you need to know about the causes of lag is explained on this SecondLife Wiki page –

The biggest causes of lag for each avatar is having draw distance under your graphics settings set far too high along with problems with their Internet connections. Please note that LindenLabs does not support wireless only wired cable.

Here is a great web resource that can help you manage your Viewer settings to cut lag caused by the residents avatar scripts and attachments, Internet connection or PC setup.



Lag can be caused by both or either client-side (your PC or Internet connection) or client side (objects that are sitting on the LL server you have rezzed. Most Lag is caused by the resident’s PC setup not meeting recommended system minimum requirements, wearing too many highly scripted HUDs and attachments, and/or the residents Viewer configuration. Here is a great online article about the causes of client-side lag and how to cut it. Click here to read

For objects – stand on your parcel and select About Land menu on your viewer wearing your rental group. On the General tab you will see a button called ‘Script Info’ Click that and you will see all the objects you own on the parcel and how much memory each is using. The memory will be shown as Kb. e.g 4000kb is 4Mb memory. Server side lag is also caused by the amount of sim processor time a script uses. For example scripts using more than 0.040 milliseconds of sim server processing will cause increased server side lag.

A major cause of lag for each resident is the number of scripts being worn/attached to their avatar. Wearing too many scripts that use a lot of sim memory will slow everything for both the avatar wearing the scripts and everyone else. In a residential community using high levels of avatar memory is not showing consideration to others. When at home we ask you lower the amount of scripts you are wearing in everyone’s interest. Here is a guide:

  • 0MB – 4 MB Acceptable
  •  4MB – 7 MB High
  •  7MB – 12MB Bad
  • Higher than 12MB EXTREME

There are also tools you can use to check your avatar memory and each object you rezz in world on your parcel. Visit the marketplace and use Search to find ‘Weight scale’ or ‘script counter’. Here is a free tool you can get from Marketplace to help you see the amount of memory you and your scripted objects are using. You will need to log into Marketplace to download a copy to your Inventory.

You can also check how much script lag an object causes by using the Firestorm viewer. Select/edit the object and find Script Info option – this will then show you a private IM message showing the number of scripts, amount of script memory used and the CPU server script time. For example, this reading shows a very highly scripted object that will be causing high lag on a sim – Erotic Bed’ [89/89] running scripts. 5696Kb consumed for 0.056935ms of cpu time. In this case we would recommend you look for another bed LOL

What you can do to help keep server-side lag low caused by the scripted objects that you own in your home?

  • Use the Build>Script menu to Stop Scripts Running on an object when you are not in world. When you relog next day you can use Build>Script menu to Set Scripts Running again
  • Avoid using textures with resolutions greater than 512 x 512
  • Turn off/shutdown animated objects ( if there is a menu) or use  Build>Script menu to Stop Scripts Running before logging for the day
  • Stopping or Shutting down pose balls on furniture and bedding when not in use
  • Avoiding using objects that use spore and ‘temp rezz’ scripts such as growing plants
  • Limiting the number of pets you have in world and setting the pet to Sit or Lay and not allowing them to move around the parcel when you are not inworld
  • Avoid objects that use particles and emitters.
  • Not rezzing breedables – apparently if you set a breedable to phantom that lowers the lag they cause that stops lag caused by collisions as they move around
  • Using the viewer menu Build>Pathfinding>Rebake option if you see the Navmesh icon active on the top of your viewer screen – this means something has been moved  by a resident on their parcel which has affected the sim’s terrain.

Script Time, Memory, and Script count sensor


Privacy and Security


Most London parcels are CAM blocked for total privacy for you and your friends. This means other residents on neighboring parcels will not be able to see your avatar or listen to your chats or hear your voices, gestures or sounds. You can see if the parcel is CAM blocked by checking for an eye icon with a red marker at the top of your Viewer window. If there is no icon let a member of the London Estates Tenant Staff know and they will check that it’s turned On. Other residents will still see your green dot on the world or mini maps but if they try to scan you they won’t see your avatar or what you’re doing in the privacy of your home. We offer total privacy because each of our rentals is on its own parcel.



When you rent your home, you will automatically be added as a manager on the security system. The Security Orb will be set to Eject All if you are not in world. You will need to add any friends (including friends you have invited to the group) to the white list menu on security. Stand very close to the security black box and touch for the Blue menu. Choose Whitelist and then Add. Type the exact full account name of your friend not display names. You can check their SL account name using their Profile – it will be in (Pete Linden). If they have only one name in brackets always add Resident as their second name.

If you rent a mansion you can also use the Parcel controls to ban/eject unwanted visitors from your home. Activate your rental group, then open About Land menu on your viewer and open the Access tab – you will be able to add resident names to the parcel Ban list. Also you can touch an uninvited avatar and choose Eject/Ban. Their names will be added automatically to the parcel ban list.

IMPORTANT: always add any friend you invite to the rentals group to your security system whitelist as well.


Left Click the Security Orb for the Menu


When you have rented, you will be automatically added as a manager. Touch the Security Orb to see a blue menu. Don’t touch the ejector as you won’t see the menu.

  1. To turn security Off to stop eject all select Mode menu choose “Off” then answer No.
  2. To turn security back ON select Mode>All and then answer Yes.

IMPORTANT: Please do not use RESET menu or try to hide the float text on security as it will break connection with the ejector.

The buttons on this menu are, from left to right and top to bottom:

  • WHITELIST – Allows you to control your white list. People on your white list are always allowed access. Type the full SL account name (not their Display Name) exactly into the chat window when asked
  • OFF – Toggles Security Off and On
    STATUS – Report the status of your Casper unit
  • LOG – Provides a log of events
  • HELP – Takes you to the Casper Help website


Media and TV/Radio


This will only work when you have your rental group selected/activated on your Viewer Group List. Always make sure you have the latest version of Apple Quicktime and Adobe Flash Player plug-ins installed on your PC web browser.

If you see an Error message on your TV or its blank after you touch the screen then make sure the TV is deeded to the group and reset the scripts. Make sure you have your rentals group active.

Make sure you setup your audio and video settings correctly under Preferences on your Viewer and read the TV installation notecard from the creator.

Wearing your rental group tag you can also use the Media tab on the About Land menu to add your own favourite web addresses for streaming audio and video.


Support, Technical and Avatar Problems


The owners and staff will help you by answering questions or giving you links to web pages where you can find answers to your questions. We will also give you a Tenant Manual with many notecards that will help. If you have a question please explain what the problem is or your needs are in a notecard to a member of the London Estates Tenant Staff. Sending an IM saying “can you contact me please” or “I’m having a problem” without explaining what your issue is will delay how quickly we can answer your questions or needs.

Also you can use the Group chat to ask other resident tenants for advice and help. We ask that you respect others and use the Group Chat not to annoy others. We require that group chat is not used for spamming or annoying others.



All SL residents not just Premium Members can send Case Tickets related to “Land & Region” or “Technical Questions” issues directly to LindenLabs. If the issue is your avatar, account or inventory you can also contact LindenLabs support using this “Submit a Support Case” form and choose “Technical Questions” or “Account Issues”. You will need to log into this web page using your SL login name and password.

If the problem you are experiencing is caused by the Linden Lab sim server then you can contact Linden Lab with your problem. If you are experiencing high lag, cannot attach HUDs or attachments, cannot teleport in or out of a sim, or you can’t save notecards then the problem is likely to be the sim server. On the Submit a Support Case Form choose “Land & Region” on the first drop down menu and then select “Region Performance Issues” OR “Region Offline”. Fill in the name of the sim/region and then describe what is happening. Remember to Submit the form once you have entered everything.

ALWAYS TRY TO FIRST use Group Chat to check if other resident tenants are having the same sim-related problem before submitting a case ticket to Linden Lab – if others on the sim where you live have the same issues please notecard message a member of the London Estates Tenant Staff (as well as contacting Linden Lab Support) and we will also contact the Linden Lab Live Support Desk.

How to improve Viewer Performance to Reduce Lag

Follow the recommendations here to improve overall performance of Second Life and address many common problems.



If another SL resident or group tenant is harassing or threatening you or behaves badly towards you anywhere in SecondLife report this to Linden Lab by using your Viewer Help menu to send an Abuse Report. Also contact a member of the London Estates Tenant Staff if it happened on one of the Group sims ASAP.

IMPORTANT: If you are on sim and being annoyed by a nitwit griefer using a scripted object that is using particles or an annoying sound – try to find the object itself and then identify its owner. On your Viewer find the Block menu and then add the owner’s name. All you need to do is block the owner and the noise or particles should stop.



Every day we will restart each sim – we do this to clear any build up of lag due to scripts etc. If you log in when a sim is being restarted your avatar will be sent to a SL Help area – this is not unusual. Also check the status of the SL grid – there may be technical reasons why you can’t log in.

Thank you for reading this and good luck with your stay in London from all members of the London Estates Tenant Staff.


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