If you are new to SecondLife here are a few resources we recommend to help you enjoy your Virtual world experiences.

Second Life User’s Guide

This is the best overall Guide to learning about SecondLife – it covers just about everything you need to know. Click here.

YouTube Second Life Video Tutorials

Learn the basics of Second Life in these helpful video tutorials.

Meeting & Making Friends in SecondLife

Second Life is a fun and social space, so meeting and making friends is easier when you understand the basic controls and options for chat. Learn about the text and voice chat features that can help you meet and make friends in Second Life in this latest QuickTips video tutorial.

How to improve Viewer Performance to Reduce Lag

Follow the recommendations here to improve overall performance of Second Life and address many common problems.

Using Lindens Currency/Money to Buy and Sell

This page explains how to earn, buy and sell Linden dollars.

Using SecondLife Search

This page explains how to use Search in SL to find locations, products and services.

SecondLife Destination Guide

Exploring SecondLife is the best part of the experience of enjoying this virtual world. Click here to find places and locations to visit across the Secondlife Grid.

Getting Help in SecondLife

This QuickTips video tutorial walks you through the many support options available to both basic and premium Second Life users.

Controlling your avatar’s appearance

You can customize nearly any aspect of your avatar’s appearance in creative ways, allowing for an infinite variety of styles and forms. Click here to learn how to customise your avatar.

Text chat and instant messages

This article explains text chat and IMs. For more information on group text chat, see Group moderation.

Groups in Secondlife

Groups provide a way for you to socialize, share interests, and collaborate with others on projects.  You can belong to as many as 42 groups at one time.  However, you may have only one active group at a time.  Your active group determines the title displayed by default above your avatar name inworld. Click here for more information.

Protecting Yourself Against Ant-social CyberBullying Behavior in SecondLife

If someone is abusing you through voice or text chat or their objects, the best response is to block them. Read these steps to Block/Mute someone by using your Viewer menus and controls.

Filing Abuse Reports

Abuse occurs when someone violates the Second Life Terms of Service (ToS) or the Community Standards (CS). Every Resident agrees to abide by these rules upon joining Second Life. Some special areas, such as Infohubs, have additional restrictions called the Welcome Area Guidelines.

Whenever you see one of these rules being broken and you believe it to be intentional or malicious, everyone present at the scene should file an abuse report. If there are multiple incidents, file multiple reports. Follow these steps to file an Abuse Report.

Privacy in SecondLife

Second Life® is a social experience, but sometimes you just want some peace and quiet. This web page explains the ways to get time and space to yourself inworld.

SecondLife Building Tips

This page presents a short “crash course” on building in the Second Life® virtual world.

Landmarks, teleporting, and SLurls

This page explains some basic navigation and troubleshooting tips to help you explore the SL Grid

Shopping in the Second Life Marketplace

The Second Life Marketplace is the place to buy an amazing assortment of virtual items sold by fellow Residents.

Managing Your Inventory

Your inventory in your Viewer is your personal treasure trove of Second Life items, from clothing used in outfits, to furniture you can rez, to landmarks used to travel places. Click here to learn more.

Login Failures/Problems

This article helps you identify your login problem and choose an appropriate solution.

Before you start troubleshooting: First check Second Life grid status to make sure there are currently no known issues that prevent login.