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July 30, 2016 • News

2Xtreme Gator

While attending the opening night at the Coach and Horses Pub I was startled by the sound of a deep growl. Being the polite person that I am I tried to ignore the fact that one of the other patrons sounded like a wild beast. Knowing I was so close to the shopping district I decided to cam around just to see what was for sale at the local shops. After all, I am a woman and it is hard to focus on just music when there may be a shoe shop somewhere nearby. Low and behold I found the source of the growling noise that I was hearing and it was indeed a wild beast, an alligator to be exact! Now some people think that a security orb is the best way to secure your SL residence but I think this menacing alligator chained to a post, may be an effective deterrent, as well.  If you want to have a bit of fun with your friends, tell them to click on the alligator and feed him, no need to mention that they will be his meal.

For those of you are are asking yourself, “where can I find this surly beast?” The shop is called 2Xtreme and it is located beside the Coach and Horses on Bruton Street in Mayfair. For you prim conscience people out there, this alligator was only 9 prims, and if you think that is high you should take the time to look at the detail of this everglade swamp dog. His name says it all, Nasty Gator, and he is indeed nasty. A must have for those of you who follow American Football and are Florida Gator fans!

For those of you who may not want to scare your neighbors with a growling beast, other than your partner, they also have a fine display of Macaws, Owls, Hummingbirds, lounge chairs and statues to enhance your garden area. So the next time you are out wandering the streets of London looking for bits ‘n bobs, take a few moments to stop into 2Xtreme and pet the alligator I have named Prince Charles, the Prince of Tails!


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