Selling Tips in Second Life

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Selling In Second Life

Selling Tips

The inside of a store is a blank canvas – you make it the brand it will become known for.

As with our first lives, selling is an art. To help you on your way, here are five top selling tips for your items.

Selling Tips to Guarantee Your Store will be a Success!


Put some cheaper items in with the more expensive ones.

Make the price right – too dear and it’s off putting – no matter how wonderful your work may be. Something priced too high really turns good customers off. You may value your work highly, but it’s unlikely anyone else will put the same value on it. Think big, sell low and sell LOTS instead!


Selling Tips

Selling is a matter of appealing to people’s needs. Address these and you sell sell sell…

Make the items for sale look appealing. Try to show them being used, or in some aspirational situation. A plane being sold needs to be shown with a smart pilot, flying freely in the air, being admired on the ground etc. Check that this is how you present your products.


Selling Tips

It’s very important to correctly inform people of what you sell through your logo.

Have a Shop logo. Your logo must say what you are selling. If you’re a designer, choose the word design in your logo, if hair, choose hair or ‘hair words’, same with furniture etc. If you have an eye catching logo which shows people what you sell, you won’t need to do any more explaining and they will be coming to your store because they want to buy your goods.


Selling Tips

FREE!!! No one can resist something for nothing. Get them into your store with attractive FREE items.

FREE!!! Everyone loves a freebie. Have some of your items free, and others that are so temptingly low that everyone will buy at least those things. That way you won’t get even 1 missed opportunity. People will be happier to join your groups too if they get a freebie from you. Make sure you have a good range from it. It’s like leading people up the path one flower at a time. They get something free… See something for $10, $50, $100… And before you know it they’ve bought half of what you sell anyway. Smart merchants use the pricing stairway to heaven.


Selling Tips

A fresh store display offers more buying opportunities.

Finally keep things fresh. People love to see NEW things in a store, they may have come to your store 100 times, but if you’ve always got new things, every visit is worth their time – they may even spot something they missed the last time they visited, or buy a much loved item they have for a friend or family member.

Selling Tips

Keep things fresh, don’t let your store go STALE 🙁

 Good Luck and Happy Selling!

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