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June 26, 2014 • Culture & Community, Entertainment, Music, News, People, Second Life

“Sensation White ” Event in London Hyde Park Second Life

Thursday June 26th 2-4pm slt (UK Time 10pm-midnight) – come to the ‘Sensation White’ event. It’s a ‘white night’ – bright & glowing. You’ll take part in a  light show, music show and avatar show. So come and get Bedazzled tonight. Dress in white and becoming part of the ‘Sensation White’ experience.




The “Sensation White” night brings you ‘electro’, ‘house’ and ‘trance’ sounds. There’s also a ‘Sensation White Competition’ where you can WIN $$$ by being the Best in White Tonight.

sensation white london hyde park secondlife


About White

Traditionally, white is the symbol of purity, innocence and new beginnings making it a popular choice of color for brides. Some practices, such as Yoga teach that white is the color of completion, ultimate wisdom and assimilation of all life lessons. Thus we see that white is both the beginning and the end; the Alpha and the Omega; all inclusive. This event is the ultimate Alpha and Omega. Lights, sounds, people. A truly mesmerising show.

Sensation White

Jellica in White

White used by itself often suggests cold and austere (think winter white-out) or sterile and antiseptic (think hospital). So this will be one part of the Sensation White Event. Another part is where the color is used in combination and especially in contrast with other colors. A full light and sound explosion will stun and amaze you tonight. So log in and be there.

Sensation White

Sensation White Venue @ London Hyde Park Events Field

 White Gifts

White flowers are often associated with innocence, humility and reverence. White roses in particular are often the choice for bridal bouquets as they represent new beginnings, spiritual love and unity. However, in keeping with white’s symbolism of the Alpha and the Omega, white roses are also used in floral sympathy arrangements at funerals. This is the beginning not the end, so while white is a huge part of the event – it’s no funeral.

Sensation White in London Hyde Park Second Life

Sun Waiting for the event

In jewelry, white is the symbol of purity and innocence. Completion, cleanliness, openness and truth are also strongly indicated. White jewelry is a great choice for new and developing relationships. Wearing white jewelry invokes honesty and mental clarity, inducing a soothing, calming effect. White jewelry goes well with all colors and can be worn for most any occasion. White as in diamonds and pure design wins every time. Emotionally white overpowers, so expect tonight to be overpowered by white.

Sensation White

Waiting in White

Speaking of White

Some good connotations for white include:

Sensation white

Destiny in Black & white polka dots

* When referring to someone who is innocent and pure, we say “She is white as the driven snow.”
* Rare items are known as “White elephants.”
* A ‘White Knight’ is someone who is perceived as being good and noble enough to come to the rescue.
* When you ‘White List’ someone or something, you deem them acceptable

The White Connection

Sensation White

White Baby?

When you see white used in any form of media, you can be sure the promoters are trying to get you to associate their product with coldness, purity, innocence, babies, virginity, and goodness. Perhaps they are trying to impress you with their simplicity and perfection.

Although white can signify cold temperatures (think snow and ice) the purity and angelic implications normally mean white can turn out positive traits such as success, cleanliness, beginnings, good intentions, safety, healthiness, coolness.

 White Phrases

Lots of meaningful phrases contain the word ‘white’ in them. Here is a small selection of them to inspire you for your outfit tonight:

Sensation White

White Rabbit Sun

black and white / white as a sheet / little white lie / white elephant / white knuckle / white knight / lily-white  /  white trash/ men in white coats / white-bread / white-collar / whiter than white / white flag / white feather / white christmas / white hot and of course white rabbit

… I could go on and on – but you think of some for yourself while getting ready for tonight in your white outfit – and remember to bedazzle!

More pictures of whiteness ready for the party tonight

Link to the party:

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