Sexy Brits & Hot Chicks in London

Sexy Brits… Real and Virtual!

February 21, 2014 • Beauty & Fashion, Culture & Community, Girl Stuff, News

Obviously the hottest chicks are to be found in bars. Northcliffe Coyotes has some lovely hot chicks – just like the stunning Keira.  Now for a bit of silliness…

Let’s list the sexiest Brits around… First the list of the sexiest RL females according to  ‘Ranker’, and with them their Virtual equivalents who we rate as the hottest lookalikes in Second Life ….

1. Kate Beckinsale / Duavivo

Born Kathrin Romary Beckinsale, Kate Beckinsale is the Hottest British Hottie. Now 40 years old, she was born a scorching Leo on 26 July 1973.  We teamed her up with her virtual counterpart, the lovely Dua.

Kate Beckinsale Comic-Con 2011

Kate Beckinsale

 photo Dua_zps7c500f77.jpg

Dua our sexy Brit adoptee


2. Kelly Brook / Wendy Helstien

Kelly Brook, born Kelly Ann Parsons is a cusp, being Born between the signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius on 23 November 1979, this makes her a real fiery go-getter. We teamed Kelly up with the luscious Wendy who shares similar traits and passions.

Kelly Brook in 2010

Kelly Brook

 photo sexygirls_003_zps401dc7bc.jpg

Wendy Helstein glows bright


3.  Keeley Hazell / Jules (Julissa delicioso)

Keeley Rebecca M. Hazell was born on 18 September 1986 under the blessed sign of Virgo and is a regular ‘Page 3’ girl. Also blessed with a ‘Page 3’ body that she’s not shy about is our lovely Jules of ‘Sexy Brits’ fame, which is why we paired her with the adorable Keeley.

Keeley Hazell

Keeley Hazell

Jules (julissa delicioso) photo Jules_zps8bf16ec0.jpg

Jules (julissa delicioso)


4. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley  / Jayde Enoch

Rosie Alice Huntington-Whiteley, another fire sign.. born an Aries on 18 April 1987. Her little secrets came from Victoria and ‘Transformed’ her into the limelight. Similarly ‘Moments’ threw Jayde into her own limelight, so we teamed them together because of their love of elegant gowns (and possible sexy ‘secrets’ beneath!).

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley C&R 11

Rosie Huntington

 photo moments_012_zpse20f7c60.jpg

Jayde Enoch sparkling



5. Elizabeth Hurley / Candida Campese

Born Elizabeth Jane Hurley on 10 June 1965 which makes her a Gemini and a lady of many talents. So it’s just as well that we twinned her up with a London lovely who also has many gifts.

Elizabeth Hurley Sensuous

Elizabeth Hurley

 photo candi2_zps35833307.jpg

Candi, a lady of many talents.


See our next 5 pairings in part 2.. 6. Sienna Miller, 7. Emma Watson, 8. Cheryl Cole, 9. Gemma Atkinson, 10. Emily Blunt

Can YOU guess who they will be paired with?

Also check out some pretty HOT guys – see the next editions!

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