Do You Have What It Takes To Beocme A London Sims Host? by Jas (Blog 294)

January 24, 2016 • Culture & Community, Entertainment, Music, News, People

The London Sims are always looking for hosts for events in various locations throughout our popular venues. But do you have what it takes, and how is the best way to host in Second Life? To attempt to answer that I think we need to take a look at some recent pictures of hosts and guests in our sims, and try to draw our own conclusions. There are some main qualities all hosts must have, though.
sexy brits_005 (4)Snapshot_005 (3)

              SEXY                                 VS                   SILLY

Firstly, you need to have been on SL for more than 30 days, so you can get the feel of the place before working here.

(An excellent place to hang around in your first few days is London`s Welcome hub in Hyde Park-pictured below, right)

sexy brits_003 (3) Snapshot_021 (3)

                        SEXY                        VS                  SILLY

Secondly, there is the question of your personality. Are you a lively and friendly person who enjoys talking to people. It is vital that you are welcoming to not only your own friends who come into the pub or club, but to each and every person as they arrive. If someone is obviously new -or perhaps a little shy-you should try to incorporate them into the conversation. If they dont appear to be dancing it might be an idea to point out the dance machine-in case they dont understand how to use it.

However don`t be pushy. Sometimes people are happy to stand and watch the proceedings.

dreamer_001 (2)dundrix_001 (2)

                                SEXY               VS                         SILLY

Obviously there will be things do learn to do – such as sending notices and joining people to the groups, so hosting requires initial focus, but it`s not brain surgery, so, as long as you are willing to learn, it should be relatively easy to pick up the basics.

Snapshot_011 (3)
SEXY          VS              SILLY

Lastly, I think it is important to connect with the DJ you will be hosting with. Sometimes this may not be possible – especially if you don`t know them beforehand or are called in at short notice. But remembering that you are essentially a double act can be helpful. Although part of your job entails encouraging people to tip the DJ and request songs, these things should not be your only interaction with him or her. Chat about the tunes, your day, their friends – and if all else fails the weather!  People like to feel that the venue has a close knit atmosphere and the host and DJ are the fun members of the family- keeping up good vibes and entertaining everyone.

wiccy_003 (2)
SILLY                                                  VS                                               SEXY

In conclusion, provided you have the core personality it doesn`t really matter if you are flirty and sexy, or silly and amusing. Hosting is about letting out your best sides and helping others to do the same. Also there are plenty of people who are BOTH SILLY AND SEXY – and perhaps the combination of these two things make them the best entertainment staff of all!
Snapshot_008 (3)wiccy_002 (2)

So, if you think you have the qualities needed to become a host – even if you don`t have experience- please pop in to the London Sims, and either collect an application form from Sexy Brits nightclub in Knightsbridge or come along to an event and chat to the DJ or host. Coming to our Welcome Hub is always a good way to meet the London folk, too. There is usually a member of staff around to help you, and the managers will be wearing tags above their heads. Working for London is a fun experience, and you will be welcomed into a thriving community. There are plenty of hosts and DJs becoming couples at the moment, too. Who knows you might meet the love of your life here!

Note: Not all the avatars pictured here are hosts-some are DJs and some are guests at our events and in the welcome hub.

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