Sexy Wrestling Girls In Hyde Park- London Sims by Jas (Blog 221)

January 21, 2014 • Entertainment, News, Sports

Sunday night`s event in Hyde Park was extremely popular, especially with the male avatars  – I wonder why! Female wrestlers from Hawx, dressed in skimpy corsets, leotards and catsuits, tussled with each other for hours, under the watchful eye of the sexily strict referee. What more could you ask for guys?

Snapshot_010 (2)


Snapshot_027 (4)


At the beginning the event was so busy that I struggled a bit with lag, so failed to get many pics. But, thankfully, it cleared by the half time show.

Snapshot_060 (8)

It seemed that someone had an issue with the male ref about a previous wrestler, and was busy slagging her off….

Snapshot_061 (4)

… but the girl in question was listening in the background, and she wasn`t happy.

Snapshot_062 (3)

So, the gossiper had her ass- kicked!

Snapshot_065 (2)

After the victim was dragged from the stage (all part of the act btw!), it was time for the second contest.

Snapshot_067 (3)


The commentary team were revving up the crowd…

Snapshot_054 (6)

… and the girls` team mates were goading them on…

Snapshot_052 (7)


… so they got nasty (probably not a wrestling technical term)!


Snapshot_068 (3)

However, when the ref tried to make sure it was a clean fight…

Snapshot_073 (2)


… she got it,too!

Snapshot_070 (6)

Don`t worry if you missed the event, though,we are planning to have the Hawx team back to London very soon.

Snapshot_079 (6)


London provides an eclectic Second Life  experience. From sports to clubs and pubs,or cultural groups, interactive games and general sociable fun, we have it all covered. We have been succeeding in bringing you British humour and diversity for seven years, as we are the original and, undoubtedly, best London sims, and we`ll continue to set the benchmark, amongst all Second Life sims, that others  attain to reach. Yay- London Sims- you rock!!


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