Shoes, Shoes Shoes – Shoenique!

June 5, 2015 • Beauty & Fashion, Girl Stuff, Merchant Spotlight, News, Shopping

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

– The way to a girl’s heart!

What does every girl want? – Men? – no SHOES!

A recent visitor to London asked me “I was wondering if you know any shops for shoes? But not to expensive but not to cheap and shabby!”

Guess what? London has just the place for her.



Ĵαумαяíє zєρℓíи (jaymarie11)’s London Shoenique Store


Shoes, Shoes, Shoes - Shoenique!

Shoenique in Mayfair’s Park Lane has everything you need.


Shoenique on Park Lane is one of the best shoe shops in Second Life. A girl only feels right when wearing the right shoes. In the real world that would be a pair of Jimmy Choo’s or Alexander McQueen’s. In Second Life it has to be slink heels and Shoenique.



Shoenique attention to detail that you can almost touch! Fabulous bargain at just L$50


Shoenique shoes are unique (pardon the pun). They’ve all had great attention to detail, so you often find something new many weeks after buying them. This kind of quirkiness is all part of the loving devotion Ellie takes in her designs. Her initial styles are to die for even without this kind of detail.



Mens Styles

Shoenique even has a men’s section, with all kinds of ‘guy-styles’ that will suit all tastes. Watch out for the special new ‘London’ trainers in Jaymarie’s Park Lane store. We like to think of these as being inspired by the people in London.


Shoes for men

‘London’ Men’s trainers – city wear for cool dudes



About Shoenique in London Mayfair

London’s own Jaymarie has a wonderful store on Park Lane where you can get all your finest designs. The designer behind these styles is no other than the wonderful Ellie Monk.

Styles range from the truly sublime to the fabulously ridiculous.



Fabulous styles sure to get you noticed


Both ladies have been part of London for a very long time and it’s great to see them team up to have great quality shoes in a prime location. Recently another London ‘returner’, Vox Mullen, told me London is ‘the’ place to have a store in Second Life. I’m sure most shoppers would agree with him.



Shopping on Park Lane

Its not just shoppers that love London for shopping. We’re often told that a retailer’s London store is their best store in Second Life.



Shops on London Mayfair’s Park Lane


This is true of both affiliates and designers. People report of weekly sales of up to L$7,000 a week! The rent of just $399 is a small price to pay for such a huge dividend!  One think we need to mention here is – these store holders put a lot into their stores. The stores that do well are bright and airy and have a very attractive selection at good prices.


So come and go Shoes, Shoes Shoes – Shoenique!




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