Sinners Perform One Hot Show in London

June 14, 2015 • News

There was a fantastic turnout to Sinners cabaret show in London last night.  The region was packed with over 100 avatars. No one else could get in because it was full to capacity.



Because the troupe is so professional, everyone was treated to a very unique experience.  Sinners dance troop gave an outstanding performance. The evening even included some very special ‘surprise’ guest performers. The show opened with our very own ‘Davina’ [Dave (Kenco Rodenberger)] and ℑuℒℇѕ (Julissa Delicioso) kicking it up with the Sinners troupe (as seen in featured photo).



Set Fire to the Rain


‘Set Fire to the Rain’


The sets and special effects of the show were stunning as seen here with Sunni Parx one of the 4 amazing stars of the sinners group performing to “Set Fire to the Rain”.



Temple Of Love


Aura’s ‘Temple of Love’


The mesmerizing Aura(ℑuℒℇѕ’ niece) then followed up with a very sexy Gothic number “The Temple of Love”.



So Hott


Too Hot to Handle?


The next act was a “Hott” routine performed by Aura, Sunni Parx, Skye, Jules, and Sanne  to the song “So Hott”. This sensual feast featured these five amazing dancers.



Self Control


We need some Self Control


Sanne then took the stage and performed to “Self Control” in this steamy bedroom scene.





Are you Happy??


The Show concluded with a “Happy” conclusion performed by Sanne, Aura, and Skye to Pharrel Williams’ song “Happy”.



Sinners on ‘Sinners’

I met with the dancers after the show to ask them a few questions

 Lyrical: “When did you first start your show?”

Sanne: ” We started almost 2 years ago with doing shows”

Sanne :”  Well Aura had already been doing shows and she infected me ㋡”

Åᴜʀᴀ :”I kept telling her she should try it”

Sanne :”It is true though”

Sanne:” And I gave it a try and was addicted”

Åᴜʀᴀ: “she took to it instantly, I always knew she would be great”

Lyrical: ” what made you think of doing this type of show Aura?”

Sanne : “Well Aura had already been doing shows and she infected me ㋡”

Åᴜʀᴀ:  “Sanne and I used to dance together at a Burlesque club. Many years ago, after it closed, I went on to dance with Orchid’s Theatre. Sanne had always wanted to open another club, and doing shows was a natural progression as we were both naugty girls, ‘Sinners’ was born.”

Lyrical: “How long have you each been with Sinners?”

Åᴜʀᴀ: ” Sanne and I for a little over 3 years”



Confessions and Secrets

The 2 ladies shared a little secret with me. Sunni, their newest addition has been with them for a while now, but has never done a solo routine. Luckily London was granted the privilege of having Sunni’s first solo – and what an act it was! Well done Sunni, we’re bound to see a lot more of you in future.

The troupe members are from all over the world. Aura is from England and is a ‘True Brit’, Sunni is from Canada , Skye from America, Sanne from Holland and Tox is from Sweden. – We all know about Swedish men!

We can all look forward to more shows from this lovely troupe in the future. Plans are in the making to have this as a regular feature of our programme here in London.






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