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January 9, 2015 • Business, News, Second Life, Shopping

Can You Skrill It?

Linden Lab and Skrill (a Digital payments company) have added a new payment method to Second Life. ‘Skrill Digital Wallet’ will soon be a payment option for Second Life users. The company is UK based so presumably many of these users will be in Europe, England and of course, London.

Skrill is owned by CVC Capital Partners. It’s registered as a Money Service Business and is licensed to operate within the European Union. It’s likely the EU will be a primary target for its services.

The recent press release (see below) indicates that Skrill’s Digital Wallet will allow users to buy Linden Dollars through Skrill. They’ll also be able to cash them out again through Skrill. The benefit is once you register with ‘Skrill 1-Tap’ (Skrill’s recurring payment platform) and enter all your information – you’re able to make continuous payments aferwards with just one click, without having to enter all that information again and again.

Doubtless this collaboration means Skrill will provide a wide range of ways to bring money into Second Life. This should make it easier for the residents to cash their Lindens out from Second Life to their real-world accounts. Skrill allows you to use both local and global payment methods so gives you more choice. Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club, Swift, Sofort and Paysafecard are all methods that could be used for paying money into Second Life (and getting it out again, of course). However, if you’re considering using Skrill, watch the hidden fees and check out what experts (like Better Business Bureau) say about them before putting your hard earned cash into their hands.


Skill Gaming in Second Life?

Interestingly, the press release focusses on the fact that Skrill brings payment methods specific to the online gaming industry to Second Life. Presumably this is to support the Skill Gaming Sims that are now in Second Life. These sims are still very young. However it’s apparent that Linden Lab see this as a growing area of revenue for themselves. Maybe this is why they’re getting the right partners in to assist them in this area.

Good luck to Linden Lab and Skrill, let’s hope this new deal is advantageous for us ‘game players’ too.



Full Press Release

Skrill (formerly Moneybookers) Connects with Linden Lab to Expand Payment Options for Second Life

Integration offers Second Life users an easy, quick, and convenient way to purchase and receive Linden Dollars

NEW YORK, Jan. 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Leading digital payments company, Skrill, today announces a collaboration with Linden Lab to integrate the Skrill Digital Wallet as a payment option for users of Second Life, the Internet’s largest user-created virtual world.

In Second Life’s fully functioning virtual economy, users can buy Linden Dollars (L$) with their currency of choice at the market exchange rate. Linden Dollars are then used for transactions among users for a wide variety of user-created virtual products and services in the Second Life marketplace. Since Second Life first opened in 2003, millions of people from all over the world have participated in the vibrant virtual economy, and Linden Lab pays out tens of millions of dollars to successful Second Life content creators every year.

Skrill’s Digital Wallet provides users with a secure and easy method to send and receive Linden Dollars. Skrill 1-Tap, Skrill’s recurring payment solution, allows users to enter their information only once to enable continuous payments thereafter with just one tap or click. Skrill’s Digital Wallet will also serve as a payout method, where users can process a credit from Second Life to their real-world accounts.

At Linden Lab we are constantly looking for new ways to provide exceptional service to our customers. By integrating with Skrill, we’ve expanded the options for Second Life users to process their online payments, which is a critical piece of our product,” said Malcolm Dunne, CFO, Linden Lab. “We’re excited to offer this new functionality, giving our customers another secure, quick, and convenient way to participate in the Second Life economy.”

Skrill will assist in serving Second Life users around the world by offering more than 100 payment methods through its Digital Wallet, including local payment options for international Second Life users. Building on the company’s proven expertise in Europe, Skrill brings to Second Life a deep understanding of payment methods specific to the online gaming industry.

“People are constantly looking for the most secure and convenient way to make payments online, and Skrill’s Digital Wallet provides the confidence and flexibility they need,” said Christopher Russell, CEO, Skrill USA Inc. “We’re looking forward to building on our digital entertainment experience and making Second Life users’ experiences more enjoyable – less time figuring out payment options means more time engaging in Second Life.”

For more information:
Skrill Team at Burson-Marsteller / 617-912-5406

About Skrill
Skrill is one of Europe’s leading online payments companies and among the world’s largest independent digital wallet providers. Skrill enables any customer to make online payments conveniently and securely without revealing personal financial data, as well as send and receive money online cost-effectively. Skrill’s mission is to become the preferred choice for online payments. Skrill’s worldwide payment network offers businesses access to direct payment processing via 100 payment options in 200 countries and territories and 40 currencies, through just one integration, allowing everyone to pay and get paid globally.

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Original Press release:

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