Smells Like Team Spirit

August 6, 2016 • News

Mrs. Winter-BearKayleighOn Friday evening DJ Easy Ninetails and Recki Laville hosted a Team Spirit Event at the Sexy Brit, to celebrate the opening of the XXXI Olympiad being held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. DJ Easy and Hostess Recki created the event to encourage everyone to get into the Team Spirit and celebrate a World event that includes 205 countries and 11,178 athletes . To kick off the competitive revelry DJ Easy challenged everyone to request tunes that could be linked to a sporting event. If they were British, they scored for the home team – all of the other countries were, of course, visitors. At final glance Britain had won with a 9-4 lead. Mrs. Winter-Bear-Allen (heartbreakerangel0) won Most Inventive Sporty Tune Request with “Snap – The Power” from “It’s Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor’s” walk on tune. For those of you who may not follow Dart Throwing competitions, Phil is a 16 time World Darts Throwing Champion.

The first thought that crossed my mind as I walked into the club, was that It looked as though the Sexy Brit field team had spent most of the morning laying Astro Turf to transform the dance floor into a lovely carpet of green shag and white lines. Dancers donned their favorite sportswear for a chance to win Best dressed in Sports kit. The first place winner for best dressed went to Kaуlєιgh Ŧгoştbιtє βĔĂŔ (kayleigh.frostbite), who also had a very cute booty dance to show off her bright blue booty shorts.

Hostess Recki invites everyone to attend their weekly retro events on Friday’s at 2-4pm SLT.  Next week’s theme will be Mods and Rockers, so search those inventories for your favorite A-line dress or black leather jacket and head on over for some friendly banter and classic tunes.

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