Snug Homes In London For Autumn / Fall

October 24, 2014 • Furniture, Home & Garden, Homes To Let, News, Property News, Rentals, Second Life

A Snug Home Awaits You in London

A snug home is essential for winter. UK winter weather is always harsh on people. The clocks go back an hour this weekend in the UK and people have to spend far more time in their homes. In such a cold weather it is very important to keep snug inside your home. This is the time you can snuggle up to your PC and have a cozy home in Second Life. Save yourself from those cold north winds by immersing yourself inside your lovely London townhouse or cottage.

As usual, there are only a few places available in London, but these are so lovely for this time of year that it’s essential you see them. It is a great place to keep snug in your home during winter.

7 Bayswater Road

First up is a home in Bayswater Road. This snug home is seldom available and will certainly go fast. Make sure you’re first to get it so you don’t miss out on this lovely home overlooking Hyde Park.
Snug Home

7 Bayswater Road – your new home!

Lake View Cottage

Nothing is prettier than a cottage by the lake. Secluded in a copse, this home is exceptional both in its outlook and its interior. It is not furnished, but has a generous 300 prim allowance. This leaves you the freedom to make it cosy for yourself.
snug home

Lake View cottage – a perfect winter retreat.

12 Trevor Street

Trevor Street has always been popular in London. It’s the oldest English street in Second Life and has been here since 2006. Now one of the homes has become  available. This is your golden opportunity to make this quaint yet stylish street your home. A snug home in London is the perfect way to spend fall and winter. Christmas in London is a must on everyone’s bucket list. So why wait? Get yours now.

snug home

12 Trevor Street – A lovely community to join here

Other Homes in London

There is only one of each of these lovely homes available. However more homes are available in Sloane Street and Cadogan Place, so if you miss these, pop along to the rental office in Mayfair and find your perfect winter retreat there.

snug home

London Rental Office







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