Some Like It Hot!!! Marked B!tch comes to London!

February 24, 2014 • Beauty & Fashion, Business, Furniture, Girl Stuff, Merchant Spotlight, Shopping

Lets hear it for the ladies of London! We have some serious talent when it comes to these women and when it comes to sexy and smart, I can think of no one better to blog about than our own BaileyBrighteyes and her London shop, Marked B!tch. This is one hot store! Bailey is not only a fantastic clothing designer, she also creates some fantastic buildings that are available for purchase as well!

Marked B!tch in London Mayfair.

Marked B!tch in London Mayfair.

Bailey comes to London with 9 years of Second Life experience and has done everything inworld from building to making clothing and taking photos and in doing so Bailey shares “It wasn’t too hard to start-up again and that’s just what I did! My only Goal is to continue and not give it up this time. Usually when I get bored with something I quit it and start something new, but I want to see Marked B!tch actually become something.” And it will! Bailey has always owned a business in Second Life and Marked B!tch  has been with us for well over a month now. But what brought Bailey’s business to London? She states ” I’m here a lot and my dad, Roach Draconia showed me the shop and got me started with my first store here.”

*Note: Roach Draconia is a well-known and loved Londoner/DJ/Club Manager.

Bailey’s future plans for Marked B!tch are simple….”I try to make something every week so I have nothing planned. I just go for it and make stuff, but I have just put out today a Fishnet outfit.”

New Fishnet Outfit from Marked B!tch.

New Fishnet Outfit from Marked B!tch.

Bad Girl outfit  from Marked B!tch.

Bad Girl outfit
from Marked B!tch.


Come and check out Marked B!tch at 11 Park Lane in London Mayfair! I have no doubt that you will find something to your liking to wear as you wander around your Second Life! Bailey will make sure you’re sexy as hell while you do it!!!

Dua checking out Marked B!tch and making a wishlist!

Dua checking out Marked B!tch and making a wishlist!




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