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March 6, 2014 • Culture & Community, Entertainment, Music, News

Settle back in a comfy arm chair and click play below for the perfect tune to listen to while you read my blog. Last Night`s Coach and Horses Trivia Night included many questions about London and more specifically Mayfair – the sim that the Coach is in. So I decided to do a blog on some of the things we learned about the area- and to include some pictures from the “Best in Red” event we held here last week.

“Mayfair” by Nick Drake

So firstly, you might think that the link to Oscar Wilde is a little tenuous since he never lived in Mayfair. However a infamous character from his only novel frequented the area, and got up to all kinds of naughtiness there. Dorian Grey`s hedonistic rampages also inspired the 2013 film “The Confessions of Dorian Grey: The Mayfair Monster”, which is why I have picked him to focus on.

Oscar WildeThreeSirensPress - Dorian Gray

Oscar Wilde (above)


 photo Snapshot_0246_zps9fdf53d6.png

Love In Mayfair. by May Probyn

I must tell you, my dear,
I’m in love with him vastly!
Twenty thousand a year,
I must tell you, my dear! He will soon be a peer
And such diamonds! – and, lastly,
I must tell you, my dear,
I’m in love with him, vastly!

“The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it-resist it and the soul grows sick with longing for the things it has forbidden to itself.”

(from The Picture of Dorian Grey)


 photo Snapshot_01211_zps291c3734.png“Behind every exquisite thing that existed there was something tragic.”

( also from the same novel)

Of course there`s nothing tragic abut the exquisite DJ Pyp (above)!


“I have given away my whole soul to someone who treats it as if it were a flower to put in his coat a bit of decoration to charm his ornament for a summers day.”
( from “A Picture of Dorian Grey”)

Brown's Hotel LondonRudyard Kipling from John Palmer


We also learned about the statue of Lord  Byron (below, left) that stands at Hyde Park corner. An extra Mayfair connection there is that two former servants of Lord Byron opened Brown`s Hotel,Mayfair (above, left) in 1837. It is now recognised as London`s Oldest Hotel. It also has some interesting claims to fame. Not only did author Rudyard Kipling (above, left) write Jungle book while staying there, but it was said that the bar there was one of Winston Churchill`s favourites. The first telephone call was also made from here in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell.

London - Marylebone - Allies


Byron Statue - - 1574255

Another connection with Churchill and Mayfair is the statue “Allies” (right) which depicts him chatting to Roosevelt.

We are always pretty chatty in the Coach and Horses pub in the London Sims` Mayfair, especially on Trivia Night.

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