Spotlight On Xiang Lam (becky offcourse) – A London Resident

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Have you met Becky?

I’m now proud to say that I have too!

She was kind enough to invite me to her home and tell me about herself and why she loves London. What prompted the visit was a small thing I did for her when she moved into her new home. I simply fixed the security system. She was so happy about it and was so sweet. She said “Thanks, Debs… I like it here, I like the build and I LOVE the people. Cheers!”

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Getting Her Personals

I wanted to spend time with her to find out more. Becky’s full name is Xiang Lam (becky.offcourse) and she lives near Marble Arch and the ‘Coach & Horses’ pub in London. In RL her typist hails from a secret location North America.

Becky recons she’s not very newsworthy, but if newsworthy means lovely – then she is. I asked her if she wanted me to take pictures in her place or mine, to which she responded “THOSE kind of piccies, lol – my place is fine…” Naughty Becky was teasing me – I laughed so loudly.


Becky making me laugh

She likes living near to the pub, and in Kensington was 4 doors away. Now she’s just across the street.  Jasmine can look forward to seeing a lot of Becky in the ‘Coach’ from now on. She puts her love of pubs down to her Scottish half. She said “… I LOVE the idea of being ‘staggering distance’ from a pub”!

Becky’s Height

I noticed how small she was. I’m quite short for an avatar but next to Becky I’m a giant. Becky recons she’s “definitely ‘fun-sized”. In real life she says she’s 5ft tall, which is 4 inches shorter than me, yet in Second Life, she’s a huge 6ft2in – so what does that make me!?


Becky and Debs comparing our heights

Why London

We were discussing how she found London. She continues … “so, my old sim disappeared… as will happen… and I was homeless for a while, because I wanted a place with community. I found community here first, then rented a house and stayed. I’ve been here ever since”. It’s great to have Becky as one of the London family so I also asked her “What made you choose London?” She replied “the street ‘scapes… just walking through the area. One gets the feel of being in London. The details are there… the landmarks known throughout the world are all there to be seen.


London Landmarks

She loves to browse through the shops here in London. She adds “I go out into the city… and I go into the shops, and pubs and parks… and I talk to the people who are there… and they talk back… and we connect.  In so many places, SL is just a meat market.  Here in London.. it’s a *meet* market.  it gives the place a vibe and vibrancy that is really unique.”

London Team

One person who stands out for her is Jason Keegan, the Estate Manager for London. Of Jason, she said “Jason is a STAR”. Becky loves that the team aren’t just working here… but are active in the community … she runs into the team, including Jason and Destiny, just being out.. dancing, shopping… taking in the parks… “it’s nice” she says. It’s also useful, like bumping into your plumber when you’ve got a leaky tap. Becky adds “they aren’t selling it… they’re living it… and it makes me happy to live it, too.”


Becky in her lovely home by Marble Arch

– So glad you decided to join the London family Becky. I look forward to seeing more of you around London. Thank you for this interview of a truly amazing young lady. (We did a lot of gossiping privately, which won’t be aired here!)

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