Spring Break kick off party with C&H in Hyde

March 22, 2011 • News

We are Coach and Horses kicked off Spring Break week with a 12 hour event in Hyde Park.

We had DJ Mia on the decks for a total of 8 hours today and DJ Aarons did 4 hour shift as well.
DJ Mia started at 8am slt and had a few people dropping in and out. There were some SL login issues so some had probs getting to the party. DJ Mia finished her first set at 1pm slt and DJ Aarons took over.
The party really got started then as Coach and Horses normal hours are 1:30-3:30pm slt. ANd by the time DJ Mia returned at 5pm slt to take back over, party was in still going strong.
It slowly started to die off after 6pm as many had to get to bed as they had work in the morning, but the party did continue til about 8pm slt with a few people hanging out listening to the music and chatting.
There was even a wolf at the beach party at one point. And check out DJ Mia in the cool party van DJ Booth πŸ™‚
We always have fun with Coach and Horses events. Be sure to check us out soon.

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One Response to Spring Break kick off party with C&H in Hyde

  1. hey was a good party and think steph did a good job hosting for all them hours aswell well done steph mia and aarons πŸ™‚

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