Spring has Sprung- and Music about Hyde Park by Jas (Blog 230)

February 13, 2014 • Culture & Community, Music, News, Romantic

Spring has come to Hyde Park,in the London Sims, so I went for a walk around to see what was new. I`m including some links to music which has been inspired by Hyde or Big Ben in this blog ,too- I hope you enjoy it.

Snapshot_025 (3) -Hyde Park 2am by Louis Bellson


This is the gorgeous view from my Hyde Park home.  Duke Ellington -Hyde Park


Hyde Park Dub – D-Roy Band (Cassandra)

Snapshot_060 (8)

The Winter fairground has gone, but the beautiful carousel has stayed.

Snapshot_024 (4)

We have created a New User Experience next to the Serpentine lake, to help those “Newbies” to get to grips with the basics.

There are almost always Greeters to be found in Hyde, too, who are always ready to help you out.   Hyde Park by I  Marc 4

Snapshot_048 (4)

Big Ben has moved-in order to better reflect it`s position in real- life London. Winifred Atwell- Big Ben Boogie

Snapshot_028 (10)

And, we have a fun new ride in Hyde.  Blackburds Absolument Hyde Park

All this plus the cosy Welcome Hub , where friends can meet.

Snapshot_033 (7)

You will have probably noticed that all the music so far has been purely instrumental.

Well, if youve been hanging on for some lyrics here they come- and very strange lyrics they are indeed!
<div>"The traffic lights at Knightsbridge change at random, and Notting Hill
s a-twitch with neon light,

The dislocated deckchairs lay abandonded, as Hyde Park slowly fills with dusky night,
…. a jaded lady swathed in nouveau riches, who trails a smart bouquet of leather thongs,
and whistles as she swings her studded leashes. He speaks to her and she to him responds,
“Madam may I help you find your monster,lovely madam whistling in the dark?
Allow me ma`m to help you hunt your monster, who Hydra- Headed hides inside Hyde Park.”
“You are mistaken sir-I have no monster.Why should you such a horrid thought assume?”
” Madam you trail the collars of a monster, while he no doubt is honking at the moon.”
“No monster have I -none through my door squeezes. tis not for monsters I am whistling this tune
I have mislayed three love-sick Pekingese`s, and that is why I`m stumbling through the gloom.”
“Your monster ma`am you cannot just dismiss- do not deny him with unlikely tales,
Come let us follow my hypothesis which must succeed- unless of course it fails…..”
Hyde Park Monster Doggerel Bank

You can probably guess how this song turns out! Will you find your “Hyde Park Monster” here? There`s only one way to find out!

Snapshot_028 (9)

We have a massive Valentine` s Day Party planned in Hyde tomorrow (Friday), which is being run by the Moments Ballroom team.

The Serpentine lake, where it will be held, is starting to look very pretty-with platforms going up and sparkly lights everywhere.

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