A Spring Weekend Walk and Easter Fun to Come With Jas (Blog 303)

March 22, 2016 • News

As Spring has sprung in Hyde I decided to take a walk around the London Sims` iconic park, and see what new activities and old favourites it has to offer the intrepid avatar.

Snapshot_028 (2)

The lush greenery and beautiful homes available for rent (some now fully furnished) make the park seem realistic and inviting.

Snapshot_027 (2)

Snapshot_026 (2)

Snapshot_025 (2)

The conveniently placed benches offer a peaceful place to rest and meditate.

Snapshot_024 (2)

Snapshot_015 (2)Snapshot_018 (2)

Snapshot_011 (4)

Londons brand new Welcome Hub, at the bottom of Big Bens instantly recognisable tower, is the place to meet up with friends old and new.
Snapshot_012 (3)

The hub is usually a lot more crowded, but I took this snap early in the morning when, as you can see, there are still people around ready to chat, as the London buses rumble past in the distance.

Snapshot_004 (3)

The view over the Serpentine lake can lift any avatar`s soul.

(Question for discussion- do avatar`s have souls?)



I stopped for lunch outside Mayfairs Coach and Horses pub, where this years big refurbishment has included a tranquil garden setting.


Looking out over the light-reflecting waters of the lake I started to imagine taking a dip in the refreshing looking water.However, after changing into my vintage bathing-suit (below), I decided that my avie might get a little chilly in there – and besides swimming just after lunch might have been a little too dangerous!

Snapshot_003 (6)

Later, I went to check out the cinema (just across the side street from Sexy Brits club in Knightsbridge), but it seemed I was the only one there!

Then, as evening started to fall, I let my inner-child have a play..

Snapshot_022 (2)

…with a swing in the park, and a game of SLictionary (Second Life Pictionary), which has been added, along with many other new activities, to the new games corner of the park.



After a final look back at my beloved Coach and Horses pub, it was the end of a perfect, chilled-out day in Hyde Park. 


But, imagine my surprise when I awoke the next morning to find that the park had changed- yet again. We now have lots of special Easter fun for you, too!

(Thats my next blog decided, then. Ill get plenty of  up-to-date pics!)

Along with TWO Easter egg hunts (one with prizes and one with daily cash to be won)  and a magical Alice in Wonderland area, there are huge Easter Bunnies  to play on. So, you are totally spoilt for choice in Hyde Park this Easter weekend for things to do. That`s besides all the great DJ events held in both our popular dance club Sexy Brits (in Knightsbridge- just off Hyde Park -follow the signs) and The Coach and Horses (sign-posted clearly at the other side of the park)-our traditional friendly British Pub, with added laid-back tunes and a party vibe.

Oh and, by the way, the winner of the second part of my “Through the Keyhole” competition from a few weeks ago was (again) Pyp Mifflin (I have to wonder if shes the only one to read my blogs!), who scooped herself the 100L prize money by correctly identifying that the apartment I showed you was (my avatar) Jas home, and the beautiful Mayfair home  I showed you was where London Team Member Dave (pictured at the bottom) lays his builders hat at the end of along days work designing things for our sims. Pyp also correctly identified the connection between the two of us (winning that 50L bonus) – and the reason I wanted the blog to be out on the 1st of March. It was because it was St David`s day – and the connection being that we are both Welsh.

After the sSnapshot_005 (3)light hiatus of a nasty virus that has had my real-life persona confined to bed for the last week, I`ll now be back in SL decorating, hosting at our music events – and getting plenty of sneaky snaps to post in my blogs. So, beware, folk of SL – Jas is back – there is nowhere to hide. You, too, could get your picture taken  in a compromising position or embarrassing outfit (like Dave, left, did), and be shamed forever in print!




But really, Second Life – and especially the London Sims, are all about expressing your individuality in a safe and friendly world. Take care of each other – and always remember the real human beings behind the avatars, and your London Sims experience will be a fun-filled and rewarding one. If you`ve never been here before, give us a try. Just search for the London Sims – and TP yourself over here.

PS: Dave – a deposit of 200L in a brown paper envelope placed inside my Mayfair letterbox will spare you further embarrassment. I have seen the Barbie pictures and may just ask for copies to be sent to me for publication unless immediate action is taken!

PPS: Oh dear that just sounded soooo wrong on so many levels!






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