St Mary Abbots Church and Pilgrim`s Coffee Shop In Kensington by Jas (Blog 183)

November 9, 2013 • Advice, Culture & Community, News

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St Mary Abbots Church in Kensington, in real -life, was built in 1872 and has the tallest spire in  London. It stands on a site where various churches have stood for many hundreds of years. When Diana, Princess of Wales, died in 1997 the church held a huge memorial service there for her- as she had been a parishioner there when she had lived in Kensington Palace.

In our Second Life version the church has stood in our sims for many years. It is an accurate representation of the real thing and has recently begun to have evening prayer services at 2.30pm (Second Life Time) , along with regular service on a Sunday morning  (British time) . The Senior Leader there is Pilgrim, and he has just set up a coffee shop in the back of the church. He hopes people will use this as a quiet place for reflection,but also intends to run groups for Bible study and a discussion group on St John`s gospel starting on Saturdays at 11am (Second Life Time) 7pm (Brit time).

He is available for any prayers or chats at, but suggests, also, that people pop into the coffee shop where he is usually to be found if online. His ultimate goal is to become a Church of England vicar in real-life, but doesn’t believe in pushing religion down peoples throats. He adds that the coffee shop is not only to be used for Christian  purposes, but hopes to have some lively discussions on a variety of subjects and believes very much in the creativity and diversity of Second Life.

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