Starting St Patrick’s day celebrations "Eire"ly

March 17, 2011 • News

On 16th March 2011, RetroGrade kicked off the St Patrick’s Day celebrations a day early.
The club had its decor changed from the red to the green. The contest board was open for all who came in Irish themed attire. Donna was the host as usual and DJ Crofty took the controls of the RetroGrade Choon Choon train and drove it straight into Ireland.

 Music from Undertones, Flogging Molly, Pogues, Boyzone, Dropkick Murphy’s.. and other irish artists along with traditional irish tunes too… Whiskey In The Jar, Molly Malone, When Irish Eyes Are Smiling etc.
Guests came in and joined the contest, danced around the room  doing the Conga, played some sploder, joined in the usual crazyness of RetroGrade, and, above all, most came wearing green.
 The prize money was increased as more people joined the contest and more pages opened on the board.
Eventually after 3 hrs of Irish music, the evening ended with the Irish National Anthem and everybody left, having had a wonderful party, and looking forward to the next day’s huge event in Hyde Park, which is a marathon 14 hr long St Patrick’s Day Party, held inside a specially rezzed Irish pub.
“Caed Mile Failte”

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