Summer Shopping


June 30, 2015 • Merchant Spotlight, News, Second Life, Shopping



by Chloe Tobias

Summer Shopping

Summer Shopping


There is nothing like a warm summer’s day in London to make you long for something fresh and new to wear.  Luckily London in SL, like it’s real-life counterpart has plenty of variety when it comes to clothing stores.  I found a little gem today called GAALL with a small but eclectic range of casual and club wear.


The store is a franchise of the designs made by Moonshine Allerhand (GAALL/Sweet Temptations/Vaxer) and her GAALL label was established in 2010.  The outfits are beautifully put together and fabric designs are exclusive to her label with hand-made, high quality textures.   She also provides appliers for popular systems like Lolas and Omega with a lot of the outfits and some of them even come with their own SLink shoes.  Quite a bargain when you consider that the price range is from 99 to 250L.


Summer Shopping

Lovely Gaall Outfit


I decided on the Swan Dress (see pic).   Being a red-head I love muted shades and the crisp white linen of the dress top sets off what meager tan I can manage with pale skin!   It has an empire-line bust with a wide Rose-decorated belt and a sheer skirt below which is patterned in pretty floral combination of cream, teal and taupe.  The pictures in the shop and the skirt look fully opaque but I soon discovered it wasn’t.   It’s not obviously see through, but if you look closely you can see tantalizing glimpses avatar shape..very flirty!


Trust me, you will need underwear with this one.   I also found that I had to tweak my avatar a little as the skirt is a little close fitting at the sides, but it was a quick job to edit.  This one was 199L for the dress alone.  It would work well with a number of neutral shades for heels but I chose cream.  Casual enough to wear out shopping, it could also be easily dressed up for a cocktail event.


Summer Shopping

Stylish Gaall Purple Dress


Two other outfits caught my eye. Sweet Caroline, with its simple lines, is a very preppy little number and comes with matching specs so you can wow them with how intelligent you look.  For a more relaxed and perhaps mature look I would recommend Tartessos, which comes with SLink sandals (flat only) and appliers for Lola users.  The mesh pants have a stunning Batik pattern (also includes fitmesh versions) and the gauzy top might keep you cool but will probably cause the opposite sex to overheat..



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