Sunset of 2013 – New Years Eve in the London Sims by Jas (Blog 210)

January 1, 2014 • Entertainment, Music, News

As the sun set over Hyde Park last night, virtual Londoners started preparing for the party of the year. It was at Chubby Checkers, and the event started at 2pm (Second Life Time), which gave us Europeans the chance to countdown to the New Year.

Snapshot_052 (6)

I was hosting (Just Jas- below), and I`d like to thank everyone for your generous tips.

I can now afford a couch for my SL home!

Snapshot_068 (2)

DJ Roach Draconia (below,right) who is also Manager of Chubby Checkers, was at his best, despite admitting he was a little drunk in RL!

Snapshot_079 (3)

There were HOARDS of you sexy avatars at the event, including many American friends who have made London their SL home.

Snapshot_014 (4)

Snapshot_019 (5)

Snapshot_028 (7)

Snapshot_058 (4)

There was a lot of money flying around, too, including several MASSIVE Sploder pots, all into the 1000L to 2000L range. And, people in the London Team were incredibly generous, too, when they increased the board to a HUMONGOUS 5K by  Midnight!

Snapshot_062 (5)

Have sympathy, though, for the hard- working Elsie May (below), who scrubbed the floor for the whole event, with not a word of complaint!

Snapshot_062 (3)

Elsie needs her very own tip jar or, at least, better pay!

For all pics of the event please click here :-

And,I`ve been very remiss, there`s more sets of pics that I haven`t posted – of the last few days in Chubbys and the London Sims.

Click these links to see them:-


Snapshot_016 (3)


And so, as a new year dawns in London, I`d like to join  London Sims Owner and Manager Debs Regent (above), in wishing you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!


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