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November 3, 2015 • Culture & Community, Entertainment, Music, News

This weekend I have been mostly hunting heads. But what music should you listen to while you crush heads?

Perhaps Id better explain that this wasnt a real life activity -before the police are called!

In Second Life`s London SimsLayten Davis Art Drawing there was a

“Halloween Hyde Park Head Hunt”.


jules manager_001 (4)

London Manager Jules (above)

Back to that in a moment – but the other big event of the weekend was our glorious leader (or HEAD- get it) Debs Regent (pic,top)`s Rez-Day.

sun_002 (3)

London Manager Sun

In London, at the moment, we seem to be a bit of a matriarchy, so, of course, the other female managers were at Sexy Brits to celebrate Deb`s 9 years in Second Life.




sun card_001 (2)

As for what Debs and Sun have been up to, maybe this Rez -Day  card speaks for itself!


Anyway, back to head- hunting tunes.

I neHead and Brainseded music to keep up momentum, while crushing heads(as you do).

The first two choices were coincidental:- Ian Dury and The BlockHEADS and Talking HEADS.

Then, I considered how many bands had the word “Head”in

  • and, also, how many great songs had something relating to heads in.


So, I have compiled the ultimate TOP-TEN HEAD CRUSHING TUNES (in reverse order):

Tenon hachet shaped like a human head - Zapotec civilisation - Royal Palace, Brussels

Number 10 The Pixies “Where is my mind”


Head silhouette

At 9 The Cranberries “Zombie

(“In your head they`re still fighting”)

Odilon Redon - Orpheus' Kopf auf dem Wasser treibend

8 is Radiohead with “Creep”

SanDonnino fidenza

Talking Heads “Psycho Killer at 7



And, at 6 it`s Ian Dury and the BlockHeads

with”Wake up and Make Love” Mr-potato-353270 640

Hosni Mubarak getting the boot

5 is Dean Martin -“Aint that a Kick in the Head”

And at 4 it`s Kylie Minogue” with..Head anatomy anterior lateral views.svg

“Can`t get you out of my Head”


Monty python foot.png

3 – “Head over Feet” – Alanis Morisette



At 2 its "Sweet Dreams" by Eurythmics- "Hold your head up.. Moving on"
<img class="" src="" alt="Flickr - …trialsanderrors - Kellar, self decapitation, magician poster, 1897" width="111" height="175" /> (Doesn
t this make you want to read this book, now?)

And at the top of the charts this week it`s .. (drum roll) ..

Carved wooden head of a Christian martyr, Europe, 1501-1600 Wellcome L0057347.jpg

Portishead with “Glory Box” – Number 1 Head Hunting Tune!!

michael raven winner_001_001 (2)

Head Shot of Head Hunter Extrordinaire Michael Raven

So,  I had a rest from Head Hunting, as I  realised I was never going to beat London regular Michael who had crushed over 1200 heads!


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