Tear Down The Wall by Jas (Blog 274)

November 5, 2015 • News

At ML`s tribute to The Wall in Hyde Park in the London Sims last night..

people were singing  and dancing along to all Pink Floyd`s familiar songs.

And despite an unscheduled restart, which caused problems with crashing and relogging.. all just kept coming back!

The light show (which my photos haven`t done justice to -thanks to SL problems) was amazing!

Here`s some pics from the event, along with some memorable quotes from the album:-

Snapshot_007 (5)wall_005 (2)
“No Dark Sarcasm in the Classroom..Hey .. Teacher Leave them Kids Alone.”
Snapshot_014 (2)

“There must be some mistake    I didnt mean to let them    Take away my soul.

Am I too old, is it too late? …    Will I remember the songs? The show must go on.” oo_002_001 (2)

“But I have grown older and     You have grown colder and..

Nothing is very much fun any more. And I can feel one of my turns coming on.”             Snapshot_012 (3)
” Don’t think I’ll need anything at all. All in all it was all just bricks in the wall.

All in all you were all just bricks in the wall.”

Snapshot_005 (6)

“But it was only fantasy.  The wall was too high, 

As you can see. No matter how he tried,  He could not break free.”   Snapshot_009 (4)
“Since my friend you have revealed your deepest fear

I sentence you to be exposed before your peers…..

wall_003 (2)



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