Thank You Everyone! by Jas (Blog 261)

May 13, 2014 • News

I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone on Facebook and Second Life  who wished me a happy birthday yesterday. And my special thanks goes out to the London Tube club members who threw me a lovely party. Thanks for the  gifts, too – my special favourites were the Pegasus ice sculpture and the necklace. Of course, the hair that Pyp got me a week ago as an early birthday present was also  great – and I really think it`s growing on me -lol.

(Do you see what I did there?)

Thank You photo birthdayeve2nd_004_zps592367fa.png

Later on I was as smiley as this choc chip cookie, as I walked back to my new home.

 photo birthdayeve2nd_001_zps136b670c.pngChocolateChipSmile

Heart 2DLondonCallingLogotype


 photo rsz_snapshot_087_zps994ee5f7.png

DJ Yam (above) played some of my favourite tunes, and I hosted- thanks for the tips everyone!

 photo rsz_snapshot_097_zps355a5aa9.png

Friends old and new joined in the celebrations. But if you werent able to make it Ill let you off!
Union Jack, 1x1 photo rsz_snapshot_098_zps0695d464.pngParty icon

The London Sims are the best place to party in Second Life!

They are also the place I have written hundreds of blogs about – and where I have chosen to spend a lot of my time over the last (nearly) 3 years.

As my birthday drew to a close I thought about all the true friends I have met here.

Thanks to Debs Regent for the amazing blog about me she posted last night, too.

It`s less than three weeks until my 3rd Rez Day here in Second Life.

I`m looking forward to any party held then. It should be epic since Roach Rez Day is the day before.

A Double Rez Day Party? – Bring it on !!!!!!!!!!!

 photo Snapshot_076_zps6fc1a4e4.png

I reflect on almost 3 years spent in the London Sims.

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One Response to Thank You Everyone! by Jas (Blog 261)

  1. Plot Tracer says:

    I wish I had the time I used to have for SL. I think this year is my eighth year there (I need to check) and my inactivity there over the past couple of years fills me with regret as I miss the drama, the conversations and my friends! Happy Rez day.

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