The Hottest Sexy Brits and Leap Year Traditions by Jas (Blog 302)

February 29, 2016 • Culture & Community, News, People

Well, blog readers, given that it is February the 29th, and bearing in mind the British and Irish tradition, I hope all you women are prepared to pounce on your men- and propose marriage. And those men who don`t want to be caught better be wearing your running shoes today!

Bob Satterfield cartoon about leap year traditions
The tradition that women could (and indeed should) propose to a man on the 29th February first became observed in mainstream British society in the last two hundred years, although some claim that in Ireland this has been a known loophole in tradition since the 5th century.

Some say it was due to a deal made between Saint Brigid and Irelands most known saint of all - St Patrick, who, no doubt, Ill be blogging about in a few weeks.Corticelli (3092858747)

Brigid argued the case that it was unfair for women to have to wait for the man to ask her to marry them. Finally, according to the myth, Patrick gave in and agreed that on just this one day- which only occurs every four years- a woman could indeed be so forward as to propose to a man.

In 1288 in Scotland a law was brought in that meant if a man didn`t accept the proposal on this day he would have to recompense the woman financially. There should however be just warning given that the woman may be about to pounce. She was required to wear a red petticoat- thus signalling to all men that that they may be the one who was the object of her affection.

The custom of a woman being allowed to propose spread throughout Europe in the following centuries, and- as these things tend to do-     changed in the details along the way. In Denmark, for example, if a man refused the proposal he was supposed to buy the woman 12 new  pairs of gloves (one for each month of the following year), so that the  woman would not be embarrassed by the lack of an engagement ring on her finger. In various  other European   countries the forfeit for refusal was to buy the woman a silk dress. The tradition had clearly made it over to the US  when the “Sunday States” newspaper from New Orleans featured an article, one hundred years ago today, naming the 100 most eligible bachelors in the area so that women could work out who to target!

So, as I slip on my red petticoat, I`ll be urging all single Second Life women to leap upon their loved ones and p ropose today. As for the rest of you men- BEWARE: any refusals of proposals from me WILL ensue in the penalty of   having to buy me a new outfit. My favourite shop (for your reference) is Ever an Angel, however the London Sims  also provide many excellent stores in order to purchase my gifts!

Here`s some pictures of my top Ten Sexy Brits (that is those who either work in or frequent Sexy Brits club in the  Knightsbridge sim). I can neither confirm nor deny who from this list is single – and therefore likely to be either a  pouncer or a pouncee (?), though.


Union Jack 22x16TOP TEN SEXY BRITS 

(In no particular order)

Two of London`s royalty- Co-Owners of the London Sims Sun and Jules

 Snapshot_003 (10)Snapshot_013 (8)

 Host Sandra (below, left) is driven to ecstasy by DJ Dreamer (below, right).

Snapshot_012 (7)sna_003 (3)

sn_010 (2)graven_001 (2)

Two of our newest DJs Felix (above, left) and Graven (above, right)

Snapshot_014 (3)Snapshot_008 (8)

Sim Manager and Co-Owner Debs (left) and another new DJ Pyp (right)

Snapshot_005 (3)sn_012 (3)

London builder Dave (above, left) and host and blogger Jas (above, right)

Union Jack 22x16 Some of the male Sexy Brits guests may provide possibilities for proposals.

However, many girls might think twice about proposing to either of the men below.

Note to anyone wanting to get caught tonight:-

The “totally unclothed with a box on the head look” might not suggest marriage material, and being tattooed with another woman`s name will probably put off those looking for a husband!

Snapshot_010 (8)Snapshot_008 (9)

Union Jack 22x16 Some looks (like the guys below) would be bound to catch a girls eye, though!

Snapshot_013 (7)

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